Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


8. Chapter eight: Stairs & accidents

"I want McDonald's" Jamie shouted we all smiled but looked at her. How are we suppose to tell her something? "Um hey that's a great idea" I said ending the silence. I looked back and see Amy translate it. She smiled showing of her dimples. "So inside or drive thru?" Calum said stopping between both "drive thru we can't afford bing see and I really don't want to get mobbed" Ashton said "so what will it be?" Luke turned to Amy. "Um Amy and I will have the breakfast plate, does it come with a hash brown?" She said looking though her purse. "Oh no, Luke and I will pay for you guys no worries" I smiled and elbowed Luke. "Yeah we got it" "oh no I have money in here somewhere" Luke reached out and grabbed her hand. "I've got it Amy don't worry" they have each other lovey dovy looks it made me feel very uncomfortable. "Welcome to McDonald's how may I help you today?" "Um yeah we'll have 6 breakfast plates, 2 chocolate milks, 3 orange juice, and 1 apple juice?" "Ok and will that me all?" "Yes" "ok next window ahead" calum drove up and i took out my wallet and gave calum 50 bucks "dude I have money" I nod "yeah but breakfast is on my" Calum shrugged "ok mate" the window opened and a lady handed us our food "your total will be 35 dollars with 50 cents" Calum handed her the money and she gave him back his change. "Here take the food ash and Michael take the drinks" Calum said giving the food to ash and the drinks to me. "Ok I have to know who is the two chocolate milks for?" Jamie said with a little giggle. "Luke and Ashton's" Calum shouted. It was silent for a while and then we here Jamie's fit of laughter. "OMG I don't think I've ever seen two grown men drink chocolate milk before" Amy started giggling. "Ok enough laughing at poor us lets just turn on the radio" Ashton said. "OMG I love this song!" Amy said the radio was playing little mix's black magic "is your lover playing on your side says he loves ya but he ain't got time here's the answer come and get it at a nocked down pice" "gez I never realised that little mix would write this song about actual black magic" Luke said as Amy continued. "Get your boy on his knees and reaper after me say 'take a sip of my secret poshon ima make you fall in love from a spell that can't be broken one drop should be enough boy you belong to me I've got the recipe and it's call back magic!" We all laughed at Amy. She started dancing and nudged Jamie she laughed and moved along. "Hey do you guys mind if we have breakfast at our house?" Jamie said looking at her phone and back up "yasss I'm tired of hotels" Calum said stopping "ok take a left at this street and then a hard right and from there on straight ahead" Jamie's said looking back down. Amy was showing calum where to go and we stopped at a nice house. "You guys live here?" "Yeah for 17 years"Amy said a little sad.
Amy POV. 
We got off of the car and Jamie unlocked the door "finally time to eat!" Jamie said while walking into the kitchen. "Come on in make yourselves at home" I said holding the door. "Ah young one you've made a big mistake by saying those words to us" Ashton said and Luke lightly punched his shoulder. "He's joking" they walked in. "Jamie is in that door" I said pointing to the kitchen door before closing the porch door. I set my bag down and walked to the kitchen and see their about to dig in "wait, we need to wash our hand" they all looked ate and boo'd and then started throwing their napkins at me before Jamie lead then to the bathroom. "Hey Amy could I talk to you outside for a while" Jamie said we walked to the living room "what's up?" "Welllll mom texted and she said that the school called her saying we didn't go, and I told her that you fell down the stairs and we stayed because you felt dizzy?" I raised and eyebrow "did she believe it?" Looked down at her hands and then back up "she did, but she's on her way" "what!!" I started pasting around "look Amy it's ok I've got an idea" I stopped "one of your ideas got us in this problem!" I whisper shouted. "Is there a problem?" Luke said coming down from the stairs. "No not at all" Jamie said "Amy you need to go wash your hands" Jamie continued. What is she up to? "Ok?" I walked up and Jamie ran ahead of me and stopped at the top. "Sorry" she said and then she pushed me causing me to hit my head multiple times and at the bottom I fell on top of my foot. "WHAT THE HELL JAMIE!?" "Are you ok?" Luke asked while helping me get up. "NO IM NOT OK MY..." I was interrupted by the front door being shut. mom. "Foot really hurts" I continued. "OMG Amy I came as soon as Jamie told me" mom stopped and looked at Luke. "Who's this?" Jamie came running down. "Oh this is Luke Amy's boyfriend, he came here as soon as he heard. Bless you Luke" Jamie said looking at Luke. "Ok time to ea.. What going on?" Calum said coming down from the stairs with the rest coming with him. Jamie turned "this is my mom Calum and she's here to see Amy" "hello, i assume that your friends with my daughters?" mom said. Jamie clapped her hands "ok let's go to the kitchen and leave my mom to work her magic and help out Amy" Jamie pushed them into the kitchen and then gave me a thumbs up before going in.
Jamie POV. 
"I'm so sorry guys but I can totally explain what's going on" they all looked at each other and then at Michael. He took out his phone and handed it to me. It was on his notes and I started typing way.

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