That Kiss

*Harry Styles fan fiction* With friendship, it's sometimes hard to gain trust, but just as easy to lose it. You have to choose your friends wisely, just as much as you have a take risks.
"I then did on the most stupidest things I have ever did, I kissed him. I kissed my best friend."


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The tears slowly started streaming down his face as the pencil left his hand and reached up tugging his dark brown, curly hair letting his head hang down. He looked in utter pain as he sunk lower and lower down the wall of my bedroom.

"Harry, Harry! What's the matter?" I scream through my own sobs. I started shaking his shoulders as gently as possible, but he still seemed like he was remembering something horrific.

"I ju just can't do this anymore! It all reminds me of her!" He yells back at me with more tears in his eyes.

"Of who, Harry? Remind you of who? Please tell me what's the matter!" I quickly run over and grab my bottled water bottle hoping it will help him. I have never, throughout our whole friendship, ever seen him act like this.

"Her! I just can't handle it anymore! Stop this!" He barely mutters out. He looked like he was in so much pain it was making my chest ache. The water wasn't helping and I was still freaking out inside.

"Harry, Harry it's okay, okay?" I try reassuring him but nothing seems to helping him emotionally. We were home alone, so I would have to call someone to come help. 

Just then; with all the chaos running through my head, I leaned down and did one of the most stupidest thing I have ever did. One of the many situations that is completely not thought out properly in my head. I kissed him. I kissed my best friend.


That Kiss

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