Daddy is that you?

Daddy? Is that you? You came back?
(Non famous fanfic)


5. mom?

"Hello? Hello! Is anybody there!?" I scream, all I hear is my voice echo. What's going on? "Don't worry hunny, it's okay. I'm hear." A lady said. I turn around wanting to know the ladies voice. "Where am I?" I asked. "Heaven.. Well almost. Your in between heaven and earth. You can't move on until you have made a choice." The beautiful lady told me. She kind of looked like... No stop. "What's the choice?" I asked. "To go back to your father, or come with me, your mother-" " wait so your my mom! " I yelled happily. "Yes." She answered. "I-I don't know.." I said confused. " can you tell me how you and dad where before I was born?" I ask. Knowing from when I was growing up in the foster home, angels have powers. "Of course." My mom said gladly.

"Where are we mum?" "We are at the store, where I first met your father." She said with joy and happiness in her eyes. I watch carefully as my dad 'accidentally' ran into my mum.

"Oh sorry. Are you okay?" Dad asked. "Yeah, an I'm sorry I guess I should learn to stay out if people's way.." Mom mum said.

" I think you seen enough " mum says. "But why?" I asked.

"Because, what happened next is, unforgivable.."

"now baby girl. Pay close listen to me. Stay with me. Or go home." Mother said.

I wanna stay with we but I want to give dad a chance. What should I do!!!!

A.N hey y'all! Sucky chapter. And sorry that I have not update. I had a lot with school and all.

So what should I do? Comment if you think Stella should go with her mother or dad.

Until next time.

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