Daddy is that you?

Daddy? Is that you? You came back?
(Non famous fanfic)


2. hi I'm...

Stella's POV

"Stella! Come down stairs, we are waiting for you!" Ms.Patty yells. I run down stairs and sit down in a chair. "Nice if you to join us Stella, now may me all pray in gods name. Stella would you like to start us off for our lunch prayer?" Ms.Patty asks. "Dear lord, thank you for the food that we all have on our plates today, thank you your the love and care you have gave us, and thank you for sending Ms.Patty here to take care of us. Amen. " I prayed, followed by other amens.


(Later that day)

"Hey brat!" Sidney spats at me. She never liked me cuz I was the only blonde one out of the whole house. "Afternoon Sidney." I responded politely. "Don't act innocent!" She yells in my face. "I'm sorr-" "DONT SORRY ME YOU BRAT!" She cut me off. Next thing you know, she picks me up by my shirt and pushes me back down. Sidney was older than me bye 3 years. She is the oldest out of the whole chapel. "Ill see you later." She laughs coldly and leaves me.


(Weeks later)

Adoption day, fun right? Not for me! I never gotten adopted, I had watched people get adopted girls come on and then leave while I stay here. So what I do, I just stay in my room and wait till adoption hours are over with. "Stella come down to my office with your stuff packed, you might like this." And with that I went down to Ms.Patty's office. And there stood a talk man blue eyes, and blond hair, "Stella this is your birth father, and you will be liking with him, now get out of here silly an have some fun!" She said. I didn't move or anything, the only thing I could think of was"where is my mother?" I asked. "Don't they tell you anything?" He asked rudely. I shook my head. "She died, giving birth to you." He said coldly. He grabbed me by the arm and we walk out he front doors and he pushed me towards his car and he took off. What have I done!?



I know bad chapter. But I'll update soon. Okay whale bye!

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