Daddy is that you?

Daddy? Is that you? You came back?
(Non famous fanfic)


1. birth/giving her up

Niall's POV

"Come on baby, one more push!" I tell my girl friend aby. She pushes one more time and our beautiful baby girl was born. "She's beautiful." I say with tears of joy running down my face. I monitors start beeping, doctors rushing in, they rip my child from aby's, hands. The doctors pushing me out of the room.


(Hours later)

"Mr.Horan, I'm afraid I have bad news for you." The doctor spoke. "Your wife is dead." No, it couldn't be, " w-what?!" I ask yell. "Sir, I know this is hard but, she died giving birth to your child." He spoke, I was furious, i didn't want anything to deal with her, that-that devil child that killed my girl friend. "She's not my child." I say, "sir what do you mean?" The doctor asked, "I mean I'm giving her up for adoption!" I yell and walk out of the hospital.


AN: soo, what do y'all think? I'll update mostly everyday, but school starts in the 5th this month so, I'll try to update. Okay whale bye!

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