More than this 2

Here's the 2 book to more than this


2. Why is she doing This?

  Harrys POV 


Me and Louis are on our way to 47 cranston street we are like 5 inutes away until I saw a girl the=at looks a lot alike Emma.

"Louis, Pull over for a sec," I said


"Hey Emma?"  I said as she tuened around and ran towards me 

"harry your Ex Girlfeiend is probably at your house, I called the police to go to your house,"  she said

"ok get in the car,"  I said

Brittanys  POV

I got to their house and Knocked on the door.  Liam answered with a girl by his side. 

oh brittany hi No time No see!"  He said odviuosly sarcasticly 

"wheres Harry and who is that chick?"  I asked

"Well you see Brittany, He is not here and you see here that she is a human not a animal, she is Desi, my girlfriend,"  he said 

"Well than, it about time you got another girlfriend becsause sophia is really annoying," I said 

"No shes n- Oh just leave," He said

"No what were you about to say, were you gonna say you still love her and want her back,"  I sai d

"Is that true?"  Desi said amd she ran uostairs

"Why would you say that!"  Liam yelled 'I dont like or love her anymore'" 

"Whats all the yelling about, oh hi brittany someones here for you," Niall came and said while laughing

I turned around to face a bunch of police, one of them came behind me and put cuffs around my wrists.  

"What!?!?! I did nothing," I yelled

"Yes you did you kidnapped a girl," The police officer said as he put her in the car. 

Emma POV 

We pulled up to the house and saw a lot of police surrounding the house.  I saw Brittany in the back of a police car. 

"Well thats been a long day," I said 

:yea It is," Louis said while putting a arm around me 'Are you okay?" 

"Yea Im fine," I said as walking into the house seeing Harry, Niall and zayn around Liam

"Whats wrong with Li Li?" i asked 

"Me and D-Desi got into a fight and she doesnt want to talk to me or see me I think she a=wants to break uo with me!"  Liam said

"Liam listen to me and look at me, Me and Desi are best friends and we had some huge fights and see we are still best friends, fights make a good Reletionship, I'll talk to her and send her down when Im done so you could explain everything,"  I said 

"Thanks Em, You are a great friend," Lam said

I smiled and walked up to Harry.

:when she is down here get Louis Niall and Zayn out of here, okay?" I whispered


I walked up to her room and knocked on the door.

"Desi its me can I come in?"  I asked 

"Yea sure," she said through sobs

"Desi can you at least talk to Liam he is down there bawling his eyes down there he really loves you!"  I said

"No Im going back home, I can't stand it anymore!"  she yelled 

"Desi this is only one fight, Me and Harry had like one or two fights and I let him explain everything, Liam wasn't happy until you came around, if you leave he is not going to be happy and his fans would be worried, just pleae give him one more chance!" i yelled 

"why shoud I?"  she yelled 

"you should because he made a mistake and like i said he really loves you,'  I said 

"fine," she said as she went downstairs and sat next to liam 

Desi POV

I went downstairs and sat next to liam,

"Hi,"  I said 

"Hi," Liam said well this is going to be awkward.


Hey what did you guys think of this chapter? I hope you guys are enjoying the begining of the second book of more than this.  You guys are amazing.  The next chapter is going to be about liam and Desi and Niall and Miranda, whats going to happen, Is Desi going to forgive Liam?  i sure hope so he does but anyways dont forget to like comment and favorite! :))


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