More than this 2

Here's the 2 book to more than this


1. where am I!?!

Emma's POV

Where am I? How did I get here? I heard someone come up the stairs. A girl came him with long curly brown hair and bright blue eyes and tan skin.

"Why did you bring me here and who are you?" I asked

"I am Brittany and the reason why I brought you here is that I can have Harry all to myself." She said

"Can you at least tell where we are?" I asked

"Well I cant to that but if your good Ill give you your phone for 30 minutes a day,"she said

"Please let me go, Harry doesn't even love you anymore he told me," I said while crying

"Then explain why he kissed me at Louis's party," she said

"That was you??"

"Yup,". She said

"Well he told me that you pulled him and didn't let him go!" I yelled

"Well that boy knows how to lie he was the first to kiss me," she said while smiling

"You are such a liar know let me go!" I screamed

"No, you are going to stay here while I find Harry k?" She said

With that she just left I went to the window and looked out to see her driving away. I was like 40 feet up from the ground so I took the curtain rod and kept smashing it against the glass until it broke there was a vine next to the window. I went next door to see if I can borrow there phone.

"Hey sorry to bother you but I'm Emma can I borrow a phone for a minute," I asked

"Yes honey come on in, you looked worried why?" She asked 'oh I'm Emily,"

"Well Emily I got kidnapped from a girl next door named Brittany and I need to call the police what is the address next door,"

"It is 47 Cranston street,". Emily said worried

On the phone

"This is 911 whats the emergency,"

"I've been kidnapped but then she left for a minute and I got out and the street is 47 Cranston street!" I said

"We will be there in 5 minutes"

I called Harry but he didn't answer so I called louis

"Hey louis are you with Harry?" I asked

"Yea why? And where are you? He asked

"Tell him his ex girlfriend kidnapped me and she is coming for him now! And pick me up at 47 Cranston street please !" I said

"K be there in a sec!"

Louis POV

"Harry your in trouble!" I yelled

"Why and wheres Emma?" He said

"She's been kidnapped by Brittany!" I said 'and she is coining for you now, Emma said she got out so im picking her up you might wanna come with me!"

"K coming" he said scared


This is the start of my 2nd book of More than this, if you haven't read the first book you might wanna cause you might be a little confused on whats happening okay so don't forget to like favorite and comment! 😘😘

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