Glee (Choose Your Path)

Being a member of the glee club at McKinley High is harder than it seems. Make your way through all the drama and slushies!


7. Chapter 7


You started to jump up and down. Enchanted was, with no doubt, the best Taylor Swift song EVER!! You even had evidence to prove it. Your Taylor Swift fanclub did a poll on it in 7th grade. After all, what's more truthful than a group of Taylor Swift fans?

"Do you want to draw on who gets the lead?" Kurt questioned.

We all nodded our heads. That seemed like the most fair way. It's not like someone was going to rig it so that they would win. At least, you hoped not.

Tina wrote down all of your names, and shook them around in her hands. Dramatically, she selected one and started to read it out loud. And, our lead vocialist for Taylor Swift's Enchanted is........ Y/N!!!"

You started to cheer. This was finally your chance to prove to Mr.Schu that you are more than a back-up singer. This song was going to kick butt! Everyone congragulated you and gave you highfives. Yup, the fanclub was right, Taylor makes everything better.


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