Glee (Choose Your Path)

Being a member of the glee club at McKinley High is harder than it seems. Make your way through all the drama and slushies!


4. Chapter 4

"Love Story!" you exclaim. You can remember the day back in elementary school when your two best friends climbed onto a table, screaming Love Story at the top of their lungs. They were punish big time, but they still claim that it was worth it. Your two best friends moved away, one to Dalton the other to Wisconsin. The tradition had to live on.

"That's totally my favorite Taylor Swift song!" Sam exclaimed.

"Well, then, let's try singing it," Rachel suggested.

Since there always seems to be sheet music around, Rachel grabs some. The music starts, and Rachel starts to sing! This is your song, you need the lead! The tradition would be ruined.


If you yell, "STOP!", go to chapter 9...

If you do nothing about it, go to chapter 10...

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