Glee (Choose Your Path)

Being a member of the glee club at McKinley High is harder than it seems. Make your way through all the drama and slushies!


2. Chapter 2

Rachel. She was an amazing singer, and your voices flow perfectly. Your team is a bit bigger than Kurt's, but that wouldn't effect the results. You believe in Rachel, yourself, and your whole team. What could go wrong?


"I Knew You Were Trouble is more pop than country," Santanna stated. "No one likes country, everyone likes pop."

Brittany raised her hand. "I kinda like country..."

"Picture To Burn is a classic. Everyone knows all of the words," Rachel argued.

Pretty soon, your whole team was in a big fight over which song to do. Everyone, that is, except for you. Quinn and Rachel were screaming at each other, and Brittany and Santanna were obviously about to get into a physical fight.

"STOP!" you scream. "I have an idea."

"Well, what is it?" Puck asks, eagerly.

"I was thinking that we could do..."


If you choose Love Story, go to chapter 4...

If you choose Red, go to chapter 5...

If you choose an evelution of Taylor Swift, go to chapter 6...

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