Glee (Choose Your Path)

Being a member of the glee club at McKinley High is harder than it seems. Make your way through all the drama and slushies!


15. Chapter 16

You and Rachel sounded amazing singing together, but appearently Mr.Schu disagreed. After your team had lost to Kurt's, Mr.Schu pulled Rachel and yourself out of class.

"Girls, that was a great performance," Mr.Schu stated,"but this was a group assignment, not a duet. If you would've added more people into your sing-off element you would've won for sure!"

Mr.Schu's statement made you want to go back in time and redo that whole assignment. But for some reason, you were still really happy. Maybe it was the fact that Rachel had finally gotten in trouble, or because you had made so many new friends while doing that assignment.


The End.

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