Glee (Choose Your Path)

Being a member of the glee club at McKinley High is harder than it seems. Make your way through all the drama and slushies!


13. Chapter 14

Rachel's group went first, singing an impressive of 'Safe And Sound'. Soon, it was your turn. Your group got up nervously. You sang through 'Enchanted' with only a few flaws. It was very good, but so was Rachels' group.

Mr.Schu was about to announce the winners when the bell rang. Everyone filed out, anxious to learn who one. Outside of the school, Tina pulled you aside.

"Y/N, that was really good! We would've won because your voice is so pretty," she complimented.

"T-t-thank you," you stammered.

Tina jogged away, as to not miss her bus.

You might not have won, but you were still estatic. Tina had given you a great compliment, even though you two weren't super close. This was the second best day ever. Of course, moving to Lima would always be the best day ever!


The End.

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