Carly's life is shattered into pieces when she is marked by a vampire and taken. She's cursed and refuses to be told that it is a gift because few even survive the change. But Carly is determined to keep things normal until she can find a way to change back.


1. Prolouge

   My vision was blurred, but it didn't matter as my captor turned the light off. 

        "Why?" I cried as his cold hands encased my arms, lifting me up off the floor. I tried to move, to get away, to fight, but my body didn't respond.

        I heard him laugh, but the pounding in my head made it barely audible.

        "Don't worry, little one, the pain will go away soon. And as for the darkness, well, you don't want to wake up with the lights on." His cool breath soothed my burning face. The man moved me to somewhere else in the room. I'm guessing a matress or a cot because it was softer than before.

        I jerked violently, releasing soft whimpers that i couldn't control. My body felt like it might actually catch fire from the burning inferno inside me. My breathing was strained as I tried to catch my breath, but I couldn't find enough air to suffice my burning lungs. My senses were going haywire, sometimes I could hear a fly buzzing around the room, and then It was as if I was deaf. 

        "I'll be back later to see how you're doing." The man said as my hearing picked up footsteps.

        "Why are you doing this?!" I scream as i twitch my arm until it falls onto my body.

        "Why I'm not doing anything to you, darling. This is Fate." He exited the room with the slam of a door leaving my in the darkness in pain.

        Fate? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

        Another series of strained gasps erupt from me as my lungs feel like they are not even there. Struggling to breath, I try to focus on something, anything. 

        How did I get her? I can't remember anything before this. Was I passed out?

        All of a sudden I stopped breathing. My mouth hung open I just couldn't find the strength to suck in a breath. My body jolted involuntary causing me to fly to the cold ground. I still couldn't breath and I felt my brain shutting down.

        I was in and out of consiousness when finally I just stopped waking up.

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