Gods Reasons

Ava must make make the decision on who God wants her to be with.


1. Chapter 1

Ive always hated goodbyes. As I walk up to the gate I can feel the tears swell up in my eyes.

My name is Ava Lisbeth Steele, I'm going to Hamburg, Germany to study baking. Im 20 years old and my best friend is Lilli Ann Lancaster. My parents died when I was 10 years old, my brother, Augustus, was 15. We lived with my Grandma Ruby for a year then he left and I moved in with Lilli, shes always been like a sister to me. She moved from Savannah, GA to Duncan, SC, when she was 4, we've been inseparable since. She helped me through my parents death. We moved into an apartment in Charleston when I turned 18. Thats when I meet Leo. We went to church together. He bought me my Pomski, Klaus. He was a senior when I was a sophomore. He was the quarterback for the football team and the Prom King. Everyone loved him. He's now 22, a sweet and loving boyfriend, dreamy big brown eyes and soft dirty blonde hair. He also drives a Jeep Wrangler. His best friend Konrad is one of the sweetest guys i know. Leo's older sister, Seraphina set us up and I thank her everyday for it.Konrad is Leo's best friend and is like my older brother. I know he has my back for anything. After Leo he is the best looking guy I know.He's  charming, has a cute smile, and is a good christian boy. He's down to earth and I know he has a crush on Lilli, not because he told me, but the way he acts around her. Always smiling from ear to ear, bringing up her name makes him blush, and always acts cheeky around her.

Konrad is the first one I hug: "Im going to miss you, Ava. I wont have anything to do not looking out for you."

"Im going to miss you too. You can take care of Lilli while Im gone."

I give him a wink and he starts blushing.

I move on to Lilli:"Maximus and I are going to miss not haveing a roomate."

"Well,tell your hamster I said I love him."

She starts laughing "will do."

Leo's last, I start to cry. "don't cry cupcake. Ill come see you in about two months."

"OK." I say. I give everyone a last hug and board the plane. Lucky me, I got the window seat.

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