Cover Store (OPEN)

Welcome to our cover store. If you ask us to make a cover, please at least use it for at least a week.

*Cover for this store is subject to change*


9. Update - News


So, it's been a while since a cover was requested from here and I've been making some on Qoutev and Wattpad and I can say that I have improved. I would love to make covers for you guys. For now it's just me the others are a bit busy to continue so till they come back I'll be handling the covers.


So I decided to update the rules a it because my style of making covers has changed and it will make things a lot more easier.



+ Please be patient, some covers (mostly manips) take a while to make so please bear with me.

​+ Please when giving ideas, try not to be vague. This way we have a better idea on what you want.

+ Try not to give impossible requests, we make covers okay we aren't some magician or miracle worker -

some ​pictures you request may be really hard for me to find so try to just give general ideas.

+ Also if you give us pictures please try to find PNGs, just go to google or deviantart and search for the

png you want.

+ Please be nice, rudeness will not be tolerated.

+ I and the other graphic designers have all rights to deny requests.

+ So you know when your cover has been posted, it is advised that you favourite this.

+ Please use this form, it will be easier for us to understand.




+ Title:

+ Subtitle (optional):

+ Author:

+ Ideas:

+ Pictures (optional):

+ Cast (optional)

+ Genre:

+ Mood:


Thanks, I can't wait to make covers for you. 

Also feel free to check out all my covers at


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