The Tale of the Hunters

There are two girls who are exceptional hunters. They were one day sent to kill some rouge werewolves. When they had found that they were in a bit of a pinch they were saved by the infamous Winchesters. They all end up needing each other greatly.
**** We do not own any of the characters of Supernatural. The only things we own are the characters we made up and the story line. All rights go to the director and creator of the show Supernatural.****


1. One

Gabrielle's P.O.V.

"You really think this is the place?" my best friend Millie said for the billionth time. Even though she had black hair, she was quite the blonde. I rolled my eyes in irritation.

"You're an idiot," I said with a sigh. She scoffed with her hand over her chest.

We drove up to the abandoned strip club, where we had been told that werewolves had been hiding and torturing a Nephilim. Our friend Gabriel told us about it, he had also told us that there were about twelve werewolves. Nothing Millie and I can't handle.

As soon as we got out of Millie's 1965 black Thunderbird, my phone started to buzz.

"Buzzy, buzz, buzz." Millie said never taking her light blue eyes off the abandoned house.

"Shut it you." I said before I reverted my attention to the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello," Gabriel's deep, raspy voice said.

"Gabe! We're at the place that you told us to go to." I informed him.

"Let me talk to Lee-Lee." he said. I gave the phone to Millie.

"Yello. Hey Gabe. Watch Gabby's back? I always do." Millie said into the phone. "So, the werewolves really took the Nephilim to a strip club? Why?"

I took my phone away from her.

"Ignore Mill." I said to him. "We'll get the job done."

"Good. I'll be watching you guys." he said, making me giggle. That of course only made Millie roll her eyes.

"Okay then. Bye, Gabe."



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