Alice and Lauren

Alice is human. Lauren is a vampire. But these best friends make it work. But when danger strikes will they be able to protect each other?


4. Running Off

Lauren's POV

"Come on." I said grabbing Taylor's arm. "Oh by the way, she thinks you're hot." I giggle. "Woah! You just giggled!" He said. "Ugh, must be your mortality rubbing off on me." I joked. "Boo." Chase said. "Fr-" "Scared ya?" He asked. "Uh, yeah!" I said. We walked to past a pretzel cart when I realized Alice was following us. "Chase." I said. "Hm?"

"Super speed?"


"Just do it."

"I don't do it in public."

"Vampires are known all around this mall, just go."

Chase sighed and sped up to the front of the mall. "We forgot Taylor." He sighs. I snicker. "Be right back." He says. Later, he comes back with Taylor.

We walked quite awhile until I found the teleportation tree. Taylor and I stepped in. "Come on, Chase." I said. "I don't kn-" "Get in!" I hissed. "Fine." He said. He stepped in and Deliah was right in front of us, next thing we knew. "Give him his things." I said. "Away with you, peasant." She demanded in her ugly british voice. "No." I said. "Fine then." She hissed. She grabbed Taylor and Chase and everything went black.

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