Alice and Lauren

Alice is human. Lauren is a vampire. But these best friends make it work. But when danger strikes will they be able to protect each other?


8. Dying

Laurens POV


I stood there, waiting for a human to pass. Gosh, I was hungry. Finally someone passed. A man, tall, with brown hair. But another pale man was already following him. He looked quite fimiliar. I'd seen him in the group meetings. I think his name was Chase.

1 Year Later

Me and Chase sat next to each other at the meetings. One day he passed me a note that said, "Do you wanna go out, sometime?" I looked at him and wrote "Yes." He smiled and we went on our first date the same night. Later, I asked him if he could sing. He said yes. He sang to me. Gosh, his voice was amazing.

I get snapped back to reality. I began to zone out when Chase started singing to me to comfort me and started having flashbacks. Chase kept singing to me but I started crying. The walls seemed to be getting closer and I hugged Chase so tightly I was afraid I hurt him. I started quietly sobbing and Chase kept singing to me. Taylor sat in the corner, I could tell he was thinking with Alice.  I kept sobbing for about 15 minutes when I suddenly became breathless. Chase stopped singing and looked at me, fear in his green eyes. Then I couldn't breathe. I started to panick. Taylor ran over to me. "Keep trying to take a deep breath." He said. I started getting light-headed, then everything went black, slowly as I looked at Chase.

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