Adrianna Thomas is your normal First Year, half-blood, Ravenclaw witch. That is, until she befriends Harry Potter. When Harry and her secret crush, Neville, are thrown into jeopardy, will she do what it takes?


10. That makes it FUN!

They were ten minutes late when they came into the common room, breathless and sweaty. "Sorry," Emilè gasped. "Those riddles are hard!"

I smile. "You're not Ravenclaw."

Charli, the serious one, looked at me. "Why'd you call us here?"

"Things are going on."

Charli snorted. "Aren't they always?"

"No... Not like that. Apparently, Hogwarts is housing something called the Sorcerer's Stone. Nobody, except the professors, should know about it. Somehow, Harry found out and it seems serious. When Harry talked about it, Dumbledore... Darkened. We aren't supposed to know about it."

Emilè leaned forward. "I'm all in. I wanna know more about this Stone, and I want to do something with it! Imagine..." Her eyes sparkled with excitement, the way they normally do when she's going pranking.

Charli, however, looked ludicrous. "Why would you even suggest something like that?"

I grin. "Take a break, Charli. Honestly!"

"Besides," says Emilè, rolling over onto her stomach. "Harry and his gang are doing it, why can't we?"

"Because it's dangerous! And forbidden!" Charli looked ludicrous.

"But that's what makes it fun!"

I arch an eyebrow, listening to the two debate. "His about this- we join Harry and them. Charli, don't do it if you don't want to."



I smile. "We ask them tomorrow."

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