Adrianna Thomas is your normal First Year, half-blood, Ravenclaw witch. That is, until she befriends Harry Potter. When Harry and her secret crush, Neville, are thrown into jeopardy, will she do what it takes?


11. End of Year One

They accepted, of course. They welcomed me and Charli with open arms.

Emilè, however, was a different story. They didn't want Slytherins around for some reason. But I had insisted upon all or none of us, and they went with none.

Honestly! Why are people so biased against Slytherins? I mean, yes they turn of the most Dark wizards, but so has every other House! Besides, Merlin himself was Slytherin! Emilè is just as innocent and good as an eleven-year-old Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw! And people who can't see that aren't worth my time.

I had bigger things to worry about than Harry Potter and his posse, however. Exams were upon us.

And though I was worried about the exams, I've been having bigger things to worry about.

Dad had not sent me another owl, even though I sent so many to him and tried so many times for an answer. If... If he is dead.... No. No. Adrianna Claire Tomas, do not think such thoughts.

Dumbledore called me during lunch. "Adrianna, have you received more from your father?"

"I'm afraid not, Dumbledore."

He looked pale. "Severus, tell the other professors that Adrianna is leaving early due to a family issue. Tell them that she is excused from exams and all else, on my orders. Then take her home."

I looked at Dumbledore once left. "Really? Snape is taking me home? Why couldn't you?"

Dumbledore smirked. "Professor Snape, Adrianna. And yes, I'm busy."


"I trust Severus with my life. Godspeed, Adrianna." Says Dumbledore as Snape returns.

"Bye, Dumbledore. See you next year."

"Come, Adrianna. We haven't all day." God, I hate even the sound of even his voice. "We will Appearate to the spot right outside your home."

"But that area-"

"Oh it's safe now; we fixed it up. So, should your dad be alive, that is where he would be."

Dad was there! Alive or dead, however, I could not tell.

I broke free of Snape's iron grip and ran toward Dad. "Please, please, be alive."

"Adrianna! How was school, my love?"

Dad was alive? Dad was alive! I giggle, giddy with glee, and run toward him. "School was great!"

Dad notices Snape. "Thank you, Snape."

"Pleasure." With that, Snape leaves.

"Oh, Daddy! I was worried sick!"

"Don't be now, then! We are both alive and well."

"Yes, so we are."

Author's Note-

So... Adrianna's first year at Hogwarts is finished! What have you all thought so far? Comment! I'll be update this one more now, so Year Two will start soon!

Love you all,

Grace Nebel xx

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