This is a story about a boy who has an abusive family and is always being bullied, abused, and just pushed around... Believe me or not... This story is here. It exists. And there is nothing you can do to destroy the fact that it exists and will be read. So let's go on a journey why don't we? And remember you need to smile!


1. Mr.Positive

       Life wasn't easy for Noel, it never was really. His father was never there and his mother was an abusive alcoholic. Yeah already getting to the positive I know. But Noel wouldn't let any of this get him down. Always smiling not letting these things get him down. He always tried to make his mother feel proud of him, trying to make her happy. But she just resented him. "You're such a disgrace, you'll be just like your father." She would say lighting her cigarette. He would just look down, but then remember that he shouldn't feel bad... He'd look back up and smile as a attempt to cheer himself back up, thinking how he is even lucky to have a roof over his head and he shouldn't even complain because he is lucky for what he has. He thinks he's lucky for his one meal a day his mother allows him to have, he thinks he's lucky to have an abusive mother. Yeah sure he's positive... But deep down he is sad. He is depressed. But he is trying to be positive for what he has. Everyday... One step closer... One step closer to cracking. But he ignores it and tries to make others happy. Because everyone should be happy. People don't like his sweet hearted nature, people at his high school show him no morse or pity what so ever.

        "Oh Noel the good-two-shoes!" Everyone laughs and points at him. He looks down, but he tries to smile again. But one girl didn't laugh. She walks up to him. "Hey are you okay?" She would ask, "Oh I'm fine, I'm always happy." He says smiling. "Oh really?" She asks "Yeah, I'm Mr.Positive I guess." He says smiling. "But don't you ever cry?" She asks, "I used to." He says shrugging. "So you're always happy?" She questions, "Yep." He says cheerily smiling. "Huh." She says. But then the bell rings and they must go their separate ways. He was happy to have met someone who smiled back. Most of the time people wouldn't smile back. They would usually go on about their day or do something mean and hurtful in return. He didn't quite understand why people didn't smile back... But it never bothered him. He just kept on smiling and walking along. He was called 'AngelBoy', 'Mr.Goody-two-shoes', 'Roadkill', 'Mr.Positive', and other things that people used to try and get him down... But it never seemed to work fully. He might show some sadness... But he would soon perk back up like he was happy-go-lucky and nothing bad ever happened.

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