This is a story about a boy who has an abusive family and is always being bullied, abused, and just pushed around... Believe me or not... This story is here. It exists. And there is nothing you can do to destroy the fact that it exists and will be read. So let's go on a journey why don't we? And remember you need to smile!


5. End Note

       So anyway hi, it's the narrator here. I hope you liked this tale. Is it real? You decide. But anyway... I might write a sequel... Because um hello whatever happened to Samantha? But then again I might just leave you hanging with mystery. Plus I might have made you question his sexuality a bit... Just a bit... But um if you were wondering he is bisexual. Anyway this is the end of Noel. Oh what an angel he is am I right? Anyway love, hugs, and kisses to make it all better... Goodbye...


             - Kat A.

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