(Minecraft) A Diary Of A Ender Girl And A Snow Girl...

Two Girls Explain How They Met (MINECRAFT)


4. SnowGolemTastic - Snow POV

Snow Pov:

I looked out of them window and noticed a few kids playing around in a garden. Then I relised something. It was the celebration of the sacrifice. We had to sacrifice a animal every year to herobrine. I ran out wrapping a scarf around my neck and ran to the center of the village. People had already gavered around. I walked up to the fire and watched them sacrifice a poor pig. I felt sorry for the pig but inside the spark enjoyed seeing something die. I smiled and everyone cheered. i headed back to the castle and decided to find out more about herobrine. I went to the royal library and found a book called the beast of the minecraft. I read the book for a few hours and ended up bored. I felt the spark come back and I headed out to kill mobs. After a while the spark calmed down and I headed inside.

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