Laboratory 13

The government has been working on a secret project ever since World War 3 started. DNA alteration has always been a poisonous thought to the human race, that is till now when soldiers volunteer to be human guinea pigs to create the ultimate soldiers.

Something goes wrong and all but one of the soldiers die in the operation. All but 22 year old Kai Yagami. Kai loses his memory of who and what he is. On his own he must break free and discover his true power, the power of the Chimera.

With the government agents hot on his tail Kai must remember everything that was lost, save himself, and save America.


1. Chapter One

A tingling sensation creeps along my skin, working its way up my neck. My eyelids are heavy. My heartbeat is the only sound I hear. I see only the blackness of restless sleep. My throat ached of thirst. My mouth was dry like sandpaper. My forehead was slick with sweat. My damp black hair was stuck to my face in a messy manner.

I tried to turn my head but I couldn't, cold metal stopped me. What was going on? This isn't right. I tried to pry my eyelids open with shear will. I didn't want to wake up but I had to see for myself the truth of my surroundings.

The curtains of sleep parted and inconceivably bright white light swarmed to my eyes. What is this place? Why am I here? Why can't I remember? Questions swam laps in my confused putty like brain. I was exhausted.

My eyes darted around the blank room frantic for answers to my impatient questions. I was laying strapped on my back. White shorts concealed my lower body. My bare chest was pale, muscular, and slick with sweat. I was so tired. I could hardly keep my eyes from shutting. My arms were strapped to my side bound by metal. I balled my hands into fist and tried to break free. I was too tired and weak with exhaustion, it was no use.

Every wall was white and made from a shiny almost glass like material. The strange bed was the only thing in the room. There were no doors or windows. This was no room, it was a box of torture.

I attempted to turn my head but I was stopped by a band of ice cold metal. My heart started to beat faster. How was I going to get out of here? How did I get in here in the first place?

I couldn't remember a thing. Nothing made an ounce of sense. I don't even recall my name. My eyes darted around. But searching for what? What could I possibly find in this barren white box?

"Help me!" I called out in an attempt to find a way out. Maybe someone beyond the glassy white walls could hear my plea. I tried to sit up with the last of my strength but I couldn't break free of the metal at my head, wrists, and ankles. "Please let me out!" I screamed. I was wasn't about to break the metal anytime soon so might as well try calling for help.

I listened for a response. Nothing. Not a sound but my increasing heartbeat. What was I going to do?

I grit my teeth and try to break free, but I can't. I'm not strong enough to break the metal, and even if I was I'm too tired. My body feels drained and weak. I didn't have a hope in hell to get out of here.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back. Maybe I can go back to sleep. Just maybe when I wake up I won't be here. I try to sleep but I can't.

In the distance I hear a click. My eyes bolt open and I focus my senses to the origin of the sound. A part of the glassy white walls break away and push open like a door. I focus on the person coming in. Not a word escapes my lips. What could I possibly say?

He was a lanky older man with wiry grey hair that was neatly combed to the side. He wore round glasses that rested on the end of his beak like nose. His eyes were small and a cold steely grey color. It was a color that reminded me of a heavily guarded safe with a million dollars worth of knowledge locked within them. He wore a long white lab coat that reached his knoblike knees. His skin sagged with age and he moved slow.

He offered me a small smile, but as soon as it was there it was gone. He turned around and closed the door which sealed itself back into the white wall.

He walked over to my bedside without making eye contact with me. His bushy eyebrows knitted together as he looked over a clipboard he held in his hand. He went through the pages examining their contents.

When he finally looked up he offered another fake smile. I didn't smile back. "Hello Kai Yagami. How do you feel?" He asked with a voice void of sincerity.

I narrowed my eyes. Who was this man? How did he get in? My emotions towards him were on the dark end of the meter. I wasn't fond of him in any way. He was a fake nice person. "Exhausted." I practically spat out. Who did he think he is?

The corners of his lips bent down in a frown. "I see." He said. "Can you move your fingers and toes?" He asked gesturing to my body parts.

I flexed my fingers and wiggles my toes. "Who the hell are you?" I ask in an accusing tone. What was with this guy? Why was he familiar?

He raised his thick eyebrows. "I'm Dr. Steiner, remember, Kai?" He answered. I didn't have a clue as to who he was and I sure as hell didn't recognize his name.

"No, no I don't remember." I say with a firm voice. Hell, I didn't remember anything. Why did he keep calling me Kai? Was that my name?

One of his hands parted from the clipboard and rubbed his scruffy chin. "Perhaps you don't remember anything near the time of the operation." He said aloud but not directly to me, they were words stuck in the air not entering a single brain cell of mine.

What operation? None of this was making sense. I met him before? My eyebrows knitted together in frustration. I wasn't getting anywhere like this. "W-what operation?" I ask with a tone I had meant to be more firm.

He side glances at me but ignores my question. He flips through things on the clipboard and pulls out a small stack of images. He holds up a picture of a pretty young woman. She has a beautiful smile with small dimples and one slightly crooked tooth to add extra charm. Her hair was a rich copper brown that framed her face in perfect waves. Her eyes were brown hazel, like a pond you could dive into and be blissfully lost in forever. In her arms she held a newborn baby wrapped in a blue blanket. The baby boy slept happily in her arms. He had a toft of black hair. His fingers were curled around her thumb. "Do you remember this woman?" He asked.

"No." I say hesitantly. "Should I?" I ask. I wanted desperately to remember them. Something told me they were important to me, but how?

He didn't answer, instead he held up another image and put the other away. This one was an elderly couple sipping coffee on a porch as they sat in a rocking chair. The man had strong brown eyes, like a tree that has withstood the hands of time over and over. He wore a beige fishing hat with various pins attached. His dark grey hair poked out underneath the hat. He had muddy old boots on and torn old jeans. The woman was knitting but had looked up and smiled her sweet old lady smile for the photo. Her eyes were crystal blue, like a rare diamond buried in the dirt, or a jewel that still glowed even in the rubble of hardship. She wore a long skirt and a frilly white shirt. Her hair has a dulling blonde and was cropped around her shoulders. "Do you remuneration these people?" He asked.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember. The memory was a file burnt away in a terrible fire like everything else I am to remember. "No, I don't remember anything." I say my voice held no emotion. My emotions were to busy running around screaming in my head. Sadness. Worry. Anger. "Can I get out now?" I ask. Maybe I can get out of here. Maybe there are people watching from the outside that can help me.

The man stiffened and his eyes darted around as if searching for answers. "I-I don't think-," he began but I cut him off.

"Let me out!" I yelled and struggled against the metal bands. My exhaustion was wearing off and my heartbeat seemed to get louder with every thump. I have to get out of this room. Somehow I know this room is no good, it brought on a sinister feeling. I need to leave. He won't let me out if I act like a crazy person. I stopped resisting and closed my eyes gathering my senses. I breath in and out, in and out.

Dr. Steiner scrolled down a few words on the clipboard and pressed a red button on the side of the bed. I heard a click and the cold lift away. I was free, well as free as one in my position could be.

I sat up and turned my head to the doctor. My feet dangled off the bed and I could feel my blood start flowing properly through my body. "So were there other people in this operation?" I ask.

His steely eyes look down at his feet. "There was." He said solemnly. "But they are all dead now. Something went wrong in the experiments, horribly wrong. You are the only survivor." His words sent my mind reeling.

That can't be right, can it? If I stay here could I die to? I have to think of something to get out of here quick. Think, think, think.

I have it…

I launched my body at the doctor and I curled my fingers around his neck. His hands flew up trying to loosen my grip. All his struggles were useless for I was stronger than I thought. My grip was stronger than the metal that held me prisoner. I was unbreakable.

I could hear Dr. Steiner making choking sounds and trying to save his own life. I lifted him into the air and watched his feet dangle.

In the background I heard the door swing open and four men dressed in black with guns came running in. "Freeze!" The first one yelled aiming a big gun at me. "Drop him now!" He ordered.

I did as he told me and watched the doctor fall to the ground with a huge thud. His hands flew up to his throat and he was gasping for air.

I started walked towards the men. They took a step back. Were they scared of me, even though they had guns? Cowards. Wait, does that mean guns don't work on me.

I wiped my sweaty hands on my white shorts. Slowly, I took a few steps forward until I was a foot away from the man with a gun. "Stop!!!" He yells. I saw a bead a sweat fall down his face.

I grabbed the barrel of the gun in my hand and squeezed it. I bent it up with all my strength. I let go and admired my handy work. The mans eyes widened and he stepped back and coward against the wall. Serves him right.

I felt something pierce into my shoulder. Pain washed over me briefly. It was a fleeting feeling. Blood trailed down my arm from the gunshot wound. This one is going to die.

I sighed and turned towards the culprit that shot me. My face was blank and held no emotion. I did not enjoy this, but I felt it hand to be done.

He pulled the trigger again. This time he hit me in my thigh. He didn't want to kill me. I was the only surviving experiment. The pain was there and then it was gone. I heard the sound of metal hitting the glassy floors. I looked down to see two bloody bullets on the ground. The wounds were healed and all that was left was the blood.

I placed my hands on each side off his face and yanked, snapping his neck. His body hit the ground with a thud. I turned to the next man who looked like a statue frozen in place. He shook his head, disbelieving his own eyes. His finger moved and pulled the trigger.

The bullet seemed so slow. It was a tiny bug heading straight for my heart. I reached up with one quick motion and held the bullet between two fingers. How in the world did I just do that?

In the distance I could hear the sound of footsteps coming towards the room. I had to leave, now. I pushed past the men and went into the hall, dropping the bullet to the ground.

The grey marble floors were cold against my bare feet. The walls seemed to be looming over me with their plain grey demeanor. There were the sound of foot steps and shouting. It was all coming towards me.

I started running. I ran down the hall not knowing where to go. There were other hallways and corridors, but which one? I decided to keep heading straight. The building was like an unending labyrinth full of menacing monsters trying to in prison me and use me like a lab rat.

I heard the sound of typing on a computer. There was more than one person typing. Where was it coming from? I stopped running. It sounds close, but distant at the same time.

I turned the corner and listened for the typing sound. There it was. Behind me I heard the sound of running footsteps and shouting. I ducked behind the corner just before I came into view. About ten armed men were running down the hall, non of which saw me. Thank god.

I started walking towards the sound of typing. It was distant but I could just make it out. I entered a huge room through double doors. Sunlight flooded into the room through huge glass windows. Outside a blanket of snow covered the ground. There were cars parked outside, all of which were black.

The sound of typing became completely clear. I looked over to the source. It was a group of people dressed in suits. They were sitting at desks with headphones and microphones on. A red headed woman looked up and her eyes landed on me. She pressed a button on her headphone. "Security." She said into the mic. Oh crap.

I heard footsteps in the hall. I had to go. There were no doors. I had to make one. I ran towards the windows as fast as I could and prepared for impact. My body slammed against the glass and a rainfall of fragments hit the ground. A few pieces sliced my skin, but that was the least of my concerns.

I ran as fast as I could. I jumped clear over one of the black cars and kept on running. The cold bit at my heels but I ignored it. I ran past the huge grey building and down the street.

I ran past building after building. People gave me all kinds of strange looks. They were probably thinking why is that man covered in blood, in his underwear, and running for his life? Honestly I couldn't blame them. I turned into an alley. It was dark and cold. There were boxes and garbage cans all around. Perfect.

I ducked down behind one and hid. My breath was fast and formed a trail of mist. My heart pounded fast enough to beat a race car. I clutched at my elbows trying to warm myself. I was covered in blood but had no injuries, that probably looks suspicious. I closed my eyes trying to remember anything.

193 Oakley Rd.

That is where I am headed next. I didn't know who was going to be there but it was a thread I was going to grasp onto for dear life. It was probably my only hope.

To Be Continued…

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