A Teenage Trauma



1. Cause and Effect

Looking around on the train I notice how everyone sits lost in their own worlds, hoping that one day they will be able to jump through a portal and disappear in it. Although that would be amazing, it wouldn't exactly solve your problems, it would just drag them out and make it more painful when you come to face them. And no matter how brilliant it is to be lost in life, something has to drag you down at some point. It could be something small to something life changing, maybe not for you but it still changes some ones life. But whatever you do or whatever happens to you, you never seem to notice how you can change someone's life even without knowing them. I like to believe that it's easier to go through life not knowing who you effected or how you effected them. By the age of thirteen I had gone through hell to feel like I belong. Not knowing how to stay happy or belong in a world that has no purpose, I found a way to handle it. I must admit it is unorthodox but it ended up being the easiest way to let go of stress. Family and friends struggling with the fact that I didn't trust them enough to tell them how I felt. After i got over the depression, and was finally released from rehab, I tried focusing on the present and the future, trying to remember how many people can be affected by something I cause.

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