Who's your favorite " Celebrity"?

We all have our " celebrities " on Movellas. Why not share your thoughts about them? You can have a interview with me, and then I will publish a chapter about that.


1. What to do

 Hey everybody!

Everyone has a Celebrity on Movellas.  Meaning your favorite author.  Meaning if they asked you to co-author, you would technically go crazy.  So I have set up a Movella, where you can share you thoughts about them.  For instance,  let's say you comment and say:


Hi I'm ready for my Interview.  



You can just comment, saying that, and I will co-author you, then un co-author you.  I'll ask you questions, or ask for you stuff about your author.  WARNING!   DO NOT SAY YOUR CELEBRITY ON THE COMMENTS!   ONLY REVEAL THEM IN THE INTERVIEWS!   I thought It would be nice to have a story that lets people know their special.  If you don't get picked for a person's Celebrity, don't feel bad,  your a great author.  ALSO I WILL NEED A ACTUAL CO-AUTHOR TO HELP ME WITH THIS STORY!   Please comment if you would like to.  Thanks.

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