I Will Find Mr Holmes

John Watson has woken up in hospital and has no idea why he's there or why the shoulder that he got shot in suddenly feels like a fresh wound. All he wants to do is see Mary and Sherlock but he's told that Mary doesn't exist and that he never knew Sherlock but he's missing, assumed dead.
John knows what he has to do. He has to find Mr Holmes.


2. Chapter 2

We knew who had Sherlock. We knew why. The only problem was we didn’t know where he was. Fortunately, Greg believed me and I didn’t know why. I know that if I was in his position I wouldn’t have given me the time of day. Unfortunately Donovan and Anderson had a harder time believing me. I didn’t care about that though, we needed to find Sherlock and the sooner the better. The first place I wanted to go was to Molly, she was the first to actually meet him.
“Molly’s been a bit torn up ever since Sherlock went missing, sometimes I hear her crying she’s that upset. Don’t interrogate her too much, it might upset her,” Greg warned me.
“I’m sure she’ll be willing if it will help find Sherlock,” I said, marching down to see her. When we opened the door she was sitting down silently in the seat that Sherlock sat in when I first met him, her eyes were red and puffy and I knew that she had been crying. I had to be delicate.
“Molly, someone’s here to ask you questions, he thinks that he can find Sherlock.” She looked up with wide eyes and walked towards us.
“What do you need to ask?” She asked, she seemed to be eager to find Sherlock but there was something that was bothering me and I couldn’t put my finger on it.
“Have you ever met a Jim?” She nodded, unsure by the question I guess. “What was his second name?”
“I’ve met a few Jims, there was Jim Markinson, Jim Lane and Jim Brook,” Molly replied, still looking pretty down.
“Brook as in Richard Brook?” I asked, when the words left my mouth I saw Molly’s expression change for a second and it almost looked like annoyance but it was only a flicker and then she was back to Molly.
“Who’s Richard Brook?” She asked, she was playing dumb but I couldn’t call her out on it.
“No one, where does Jim Brook live?” She thought about it for a second.
“I’m not sure but it might be the place, I’ll show you.” I didn’t trust her for a second but I would take a chance to save Sherlock.


We came to the address but it didn’t seem like the sort of place that Moriarty would want to live in, it was just so normal and that wasn’t Moriarty at all. Just in case something happened I told Greg to wait outside and to come and find me if I don’t come out after half an hour or if I call for him. Molly rang the doorbell and we waited until a woman opened the door and I immediately recognised her as Irene Adler. I thought that she was dead but then again I thought that Greg and I were pretty good friends but apparently he has no idea who I am.
“What do you want?” She asked us, she was in quite revealing clothes but due to seeing her naked I didn’t really care about seeing her cleavage.
“This is John Watson and I’m Molly Hooper, he has some questions for Jim.”
“About what?” She asked, leaning against the door frame.
“About Sherlock Holmes.” She flinched for a second but then smiled and looked me over.
“I’ve heard that he’s missing, are you an acquaintance of Sherlock’s? Or perhaps a gay lover?” She asked and I thought back to when I discovered that she wasn’t dead and she implied that Sherlock and I were a couple.
“I’m his friend. May I see your phone, Irene?” She frowned but gave it to me.
“It’s password protected, not even Sherlock Holmes figured out what it was.”
“So, you’ve met Sherlock. Did you like him?” She tried to keep a straight face but the corner of her mouth twitch.
“Yes, he was a very polite gentleman.”
“Why did he try to open your phone?” I needed to know if she felt strongly for Sherlock.
“I told him that there was something of interest on it, he didn’t figure it out after a week and then he went missing.” She was lying and I had all the information that I needed. I typed in SHER and it unlocked, Irene stared at me in disbelief and before she had a chance to snap back into reality I opened the photographs and saw one that made me feel sick. Sherlock was tied up, gagged and beaten badly.
“What did you do to him?” I whispered, she didn’t say anything. “What did you do to him?! What did you do to Sherlock?! Where is he?! Where are you keeping him, you maniac?!” I was about to grab her when Greg stepped between us. “Let me kill her, look what she did to Sherlock! You fooled us all, Irene Adler, even Sherlock. I thought you loved him.” Greg took the phone from me and looked at the photo.
“Irene Adler, I am arresting you for the kidnapping of Sherlock Holmes you don’t have to say anything in your defence but anything you do say can and will be used against you in court.” He handcuffed her and started walking her to the car.
“John,” She said, Greg stopped and turned to me.
“Let her speak,” I ordered even though I had no authority.
“I do love Sherlock, I always have but it’s for the best. It’s for the best, John, I promise.” She was despicable. She had no right to talk about Sherlock in that way after what she did.
“Where are Sherlock and Mary? And where’s Moriarty?”
“I don’t know, he took Sherlock but he didn’t tell me anything but someone else knows.” She said nothing more but I knew who she was talking about, I grabbed Molly’s arm before she left.
“Molly, tell me where Mary, Sherlock and Moriarty is. Tell me right now or I swear to God I will kill you.” She seemed to know that the act was up but she refused to open her mouth. “Molly, do you really care about Sherlock or was that an act too?” She smirked at this.
“I’ve always loved Sherlock as if he was my own brother because he is but he didn’t know that. Our mother didn’t tell him, I thought he would have figured it out but he didn’t because Moriarty knew how to cover it up. A world without Sherlock isn’t a bad thing, someday he will break and destroy the world and we’re just trying to prevent that.”
“Are you? Sherlock’s not a robot, he’s smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong.”
“He doesn’t do the right thing all the time though, you don’t know him, John.”
“I know him better than you ever will. Where is he?” At that point she broke, everything that she had worked so hard to put together was being destroyed and she didn’t know what to do. I felt kind of sorry for her but then I remembered that photo of Sherlock. He could be breaking and I needed to save him. “Tell me where he is, Molly, it’s over.”
“He’s in the tower of London, Moriarty’s going to behead him.” 

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