I Will Find Mr Holmes

John Watson has woken up in hospital and has no idea why he's there or why the shoulder that he got shot in suddenly feels like a fresh wound. All he wants to do is see Mary and Sherlock but he's told that Mary doesn't exist and that he never knew Sherlock but he's missing, assumed dead.
John knows what he has to do. He has to find Mr Holmes.


1. Chapter 1

As my eyes fluttered open I realised that I wasn’t in my house or Baker Street or anywhere that I remembered being before but I could tell that I was in a hospital. No one was around me even though I thought that Mary or Sherlock or even Greg would be there for me if I was injured in whatever way. I didn’t know why I was there when I first awoke but as I tried to sit up I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and I saw that there was a bandage wrapped around it. Of course I thought of being shot in Afghanistan but that was ages ago and there would be no reason why that would have caused problems now. While I was trying to figure out what was going on a nurse pulled back the curtains and jumped when she saw me.
  “You’re awake! Doctor!” She yelled, a doctor walked in a moment later and he grinned when he saw me awake.
  “John, you’re awake at last. We didn’t know if you were going to pull through luckily you won’t be going back to that war anytime soon.”
  “I’m sorry, the war?” I asked and then started violently coughing.
  “Don’t try to talk, you’re still in a delicate condition,” The doctor said and started checking my blood pressure and heart pace. “Yes, the war, the Afghanistan war. I doubt you have amnesia but just in case what’s your name and your date of birth?”
  “John Hamish Watson, March 14th 1973.”
  “Who is the prime minister?”
  “David Cameron,” I replied. “Look, I remember everything I don’t have amnesia. Where’s my wife, Mary? She must have come in to visit me.”
  “Umm…your sister didn’t mention you having a wife,” The doctor replied, adjusting his glasses and looking over his notes.
  “Harriet? Harry’s here? I haven’t spoken to her in ages, I’m sorry for any drunken behaviour she may have done while she was here,” I said, coughing and looking away. I remembered the first time I met Sherlock and he told me all of this.
  “She hasn’t done anything in fact I remember when she came to visit you she told you that she was going to AA meetings. She’ll be here soon, I told a nurse to call her.”
  “But…why don’t I remember her telling me about AA?”
  “Because you were in a coma.” Suddenly it all made sense. I got into a coma after I got shot and was sent home with that injury but I couldn’t figure out when I had met Sherlock and Mary.
  “John!” Harriet yelled when she pulled back the curtains, she ran to me and hugged me in tears.       “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, I’m so glad that you’re okay.” I could barely make sense of her words through her tears.
  “Where’s Mary? And where’s Sherlock?” She slowly let go of me and stared at me carefully.
  “John, who’s Mary?” She asked, I was sure that Sherlock contacted her about the wedding and she didn’t come because she still had a drinking problem.
  “My wife, Mary, the one I got married to.”
  “You haven’t got married, John, there’s no ring on your finger.” She lifted up my hand and waved it in front of my face.
  “But, what about our baby? She’s pregnant. I’m going to be a father.” I had tears in my eyes at this point, I was breaking down and all I wanted to do was be with my wife. I had to distract myself, I wasn’t going to cry in front of her. “What about Sherlock? Where is he?”
  “Sherlock Holmes? The detective?” I nodded, unable to talk. “John, you never knew him but he’s gone missing if you’re that concerned about him.”
  “Sherlock’s missing? How long has it been?”
  “Almost as long as you’ve been in the coma for, almost 2 weeks,” She said and sat down, wiping the last of her tears away.
  “I was in a coma for 2 weeks? But, why does my shoulder still hurt?”
"I told them to do the surgery yesterday, I wasn't sure about it before because I didn't know if you were going to get out of this but I decided to think positive. I thought you’d never recover, I was really scared John and now that you’ve woken up all you can talk about is Sherlock Holmes and this Mary.”
  “Mary’s my wife and she’s pregnant with my child. Sherlock is my best friend and he was the best man at my wedding. They are not some people, they’re the most important people in my life who aren’t blood related to me but they feel like more of a family than you’ve ever been to me.” I instantly regretted all that I said, Harry hadn’t been the best sister in the world but she was my sister and I loved her with all my heart and seeing her hurt by the words that I had said made my heart ache. “I’m sorry-“
  “No, you’re right. I’ve never been there for you ever since the alcohol got to me but I’m sorting myself out and I promise you, I will be a better sister, I promise.” Having my relationship with my sister fixed was great but all I wanted was to find Mary and Sherlock at that time. I had to find them, I had to.


Harriet took me to a temporary place to stay and left me in the bedroom to ‘go to the toilet’ but I heard her talking on her phone to a therapist for me. She obviously thought that I was going crazy and I didn’t need that so I just got up, got my wallet and my phone, and left. I knew that she was going to be mad and try to call me so I turned off my phone. I wasn’t going to come until I had found Sherlock and Mary. I knew where to start, the police station where Greg Lestrade worked.
I got to Greg’s office about 45 minutes later and knocked on the door, hoping that he would recognise me and that everything would go back to normal after this.
  “Hello?” Greg said, opening the door and looking at me up and down.
  “Greg, it’s me.” He still looked confused. “John, Sherlock’s friend, you came to my wedding.”
  “Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have friends,” He said, about to close the door.
  “Yes he does: You, Molly, Mrs Hudson, me. Is Sherlock really missing?”
  “How do you know who Molly is? Are you her new boyfriend? That poor girl has been pining over Sherlock for so long a new guy would do her some good.”
  “No, I’m not her new boyfriend. Is Sherlock really missing?”
  “Yes, he’s been missing for some time and it’s a big shock to all of us,” Greg said, he was still confused by who I was and why I was asking about Sherlock.
  “Was there a case that he was on when this happened?”
  “Yes, but I can’t tell you any information about the case,” He said, I had to get him to tell me everything about the case.
  “What if I told you I might be able to help you find Sherlock?” He looked at me for a while and then he gave in and let me into his office, closing the door behind us.
  “We all miss Sherlock tremendously here-“
  “What? Even Anderson and Donovan?” He sat down and leaned back in his chair, I felt like his eyes never left me.
  “How do you know about them? Have you been doing thorough research about us? Are you a stalker?”
  “No, I’m Sherlock’s friend and I used to work with him doing cases now please tell me which case he went missing on!” The volume of my voice raised a bit too much and I wanted to level it out straight away but it was too late. Greg didn’t seem fazed though which was fortunate.
  “Several suicides had taken place-“
  “A Study in Pink.”
  “What?” Greg said, he didn’t have any idea what I was talking about or so I thought. “Sherlock said that the woman loved pink that information wasn’t told to the press, how did you know about it?”
  “Sherlock told me, I’ve worked with him before and he trusts me.” I missed Sherlock so much and remembering those moments hurt. “I think I know where he is, he’s with Moriarty.”
  “Who’s Moriarty?”
  “The most evil, psychotic maniac in all of England.”
  “What does he want with Sherlock? I mean, Sherlock’s smart but why would someone want to take him? Does he want knowledge from him?”
  “No, it’s a game to Moriarty and he wins when Sherlock breaks.”

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