Youtube Star???

"Oh You And I" I smiled as I sang

"I hope you guys loved the cover of this song and comment down below if you want more Bye guys"
I turned off my camera and checked my email... You would not believe who just messaged me!!!!!!


3. A message from who?

Jasmine's POV

"Well that's great at least I got 1 view so far but I wonder who it's from. Oh well we'll never know"

I went to my email to check if I have gotten any messages from fans.. I saw one that was captioned "Meet me please"

I opened it up and saw this

Hello Jasmine,

I just saw your video on the cover that you made on our song and I would love if we can meet up for a cup of coffee I hope we can meet soon to get to know each other more

Love, Harry. x

I thought for a second thinking if it was from THE HARRY STYLES....but I ignored it

It can't be him there is many people who pretend to be him most of the time so this email is trash.Oh well time to go to sleep I've had a long day.


Harry's POV

"Lad she hasn't responded to my email do you think she saw it?"

Niall: I don't know mate

Liam:What are you guys talking about?

Harry:Well last week me and Niall saw this beautiful girl she's bloody good and I wanna meet her I think I love her but I wanna make her known. I think it's time for her to get discovered she's amazing.Maybe we can work with her and make music together


Zayn:Vas Happening

Louis:Harry's in love he's all grown up

Harry:Shut up I may love her but not officially, we haven't even met before. Let me send her another email maybe she'll see it again

Hey Jasmine,

I don't think you've responded to my last email that I sent and I see that you live in LA also so please meet me in this Starbucks so we can discuss your music and I really like you.

-Harry. x

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