At War

Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


14. Pandora

Our Kingdoms are failing. Another onslaught of the monsters attacked us as soon as I woke up this morning, and we have been fighting all day. Terror grips me as it becomes apparent that we can't win this the way we are. The creatures never tire, and all that we do is slowly cut down their numbers.

But here's the thing: we could win this if it was only the creatures attacking, for they have repetitive methods of attack and are predictable, they run on complete adrenalin with no tactics or planning. We could defeat them, but the dragon is another story.

Triple the size of Kai, with venomous teeth and razor sharp claws, the dragon attacks our Kingdoms, showing no preference to either my kingdom or Elektra's. There is also its shady rider, cloaked in black with the same symbol on his hood as the one I keep seeing everywhere, on weapons, the monsters' heads, even imprinted on the sky, forming a dome of dark magic around us, trapping us in an atmosphere we won't escape until one side wins.

The Kingdoms have formed a temporary state of peace for the moment, while we take care of the largest threat at hand, so we are currently one side, the other being our true attackers. Another load of, hopefully, well rested soldiers will attack at nightfall, and more will go to rest, wounds treated and starved stomachs fed. That is the plan, for it is not sensible to have hundreds of fatigued soldiers on the battlefield when we don't know how long the battle will go on for.

One more of my soldiers fall to the ground, and inside I feel like screaming, falling to my knees and slitting my own throat before any further damage happens. It would do absolutely nothing, apart from giving total control to Elektra and diminishing whatever hope my soldiers still have, but at least I would have tried, what I am doing now is futile, meaningless really, and I loathe myself for that. I will attack the source, the rider on his arrogant, huge dragon.

Swallowing back nervous bile, I drive Kai forwards, twisting and turning like a meteor as I attack the dragon with so much speed that my lips are pulled back and I can't breathe. I release a cry of some pure emotion I have never encountered before as the fire within Kai and I unleashes its wrath upon that stupid dragon which has caused this destruction.

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