At War

Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


4. Pandora

After our banquet to celebrate our previous victory and grieving for the painstaking loss of one hundred and eleven soldiers, we decided to strike again.  Of course, this meant entering Elektra's territory, and exposing ourselves to snipers, but this time we had the element of surprise tipping the scales in our favour. Not to disregard the fact that many of our soldiers had another agenda, as of our previous battle, they wanted revenge.

So, as Kai swoops over their castle, raining fire and sheer agony upon those affected, we know what our goal now is. Seek out their leader, my repulsively persistent sister, and end it.

She emerges now, wearing her battle armour and combat boots, her jet black hair pulled back in a single band, just as mine is currently styled. We look the same in our faces, but my eyes are green, whereas her eyes are electric blue. My hair is a bright blonde, and hers is dark.

Her ridiculous dragon, Pyro is waiting for her, and I witness her climb on, before coming to join us. Her dragon sends a great fireball our way, which is quickly combatted with ours, Kai knows me, and we battle with a strategy outlined by one another's thoughts. We move swiftly, ducking and diving, rolling and firing, and for a moment, it feels like the raging battle has stopped to watch, as our infernos battle in mid air, sending fireworks to the horizons either side of us. Eventually, we both grow sloppy, Pyro's fire flares up and catches my arm, causing me to cry out, holding back the tears that threaten to overflow as I realise with horror that my skin is bubbling in the intense heat, but I try and block it out for Kai.

We have to break off the connection, but the only way to do that is for someone to stop and get burnt; neither of us are doing that any time soon. The heat becomes insane, and I send as much energy to Kai as I can without burning out. Elektra appears to be doing the same, and as Pyro's flame grows brighter, she becomes pale, and eventually she slips into unconsciousness, slumping over Pyro's back. Kai and I take a nosedive, desperately trying to avoid the energy that is headed our way as a product of Elektra's efforts, we miss most of the blast, but a huge flame still heads our way as we hit the ground, hard. 

Kai takes the brunt of the impact, so I am only dazed, and despite seeing stars when I get up, I appear to be okay. The pain in my arm is worse now, though, and pushing it away grows to be impossible. Thankfully, Owen is at my side, and I lean onto him for support, and Kai helps too, but thankfully he only seems to have burnt his wing.

I announce our retreat, and so we leave hastily, and everything is in such a mess that we can't see who's still there. We are about halfway back when I hear shouting, and I turn around to see my soldiers restraining another boy who threatens to run at me, shouting obscenities.

He isn't one of my soldiers.

"Lief?" Owen cries, disbelief evident in his tone. I shoot him a questioning look, which he refuses to grant a response to.

"So, it seems that we have a stowaway." I say, trying to make sense of things.

"You could call me that, I suppose." The boy snarls.

"If you wanted to join us so badly, you could have just asked. Now, you'll have to come with us." More struggling comes from the boy, and I signal to one of the men holding him to give him a sleeping draught. He does, and 'Lief' collapses down on the floor. Abrax hoists him over his shoulders, and I realise what I have done.

I have taken something that Elektra wants.


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