At War

Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


15. Elektra

I loathe the truce, but I loathe our new enemy with greater vehemence.

My sister dives towards him, a cry escaping her lips as Kai flames, his fire illuminating the obsidian scales of the enemy's dragon. The giant monster turns, flaming back at Kai, and a battle of flame and claws and fangs begins. I consider, briefly, letting her die, but the truce stands firm; I do not break my word.

"Pyro! Help them!" I shout, and Pyro turns, his crimson wings a blur across the battlefield. Which is exactly when the roar bursts through the air: another dragon. Impossible, I think. Then the thought is snatched away with even greater disbelief when two more appear on the horizon, their silhouettes already striking me with a blade of terror.

Four. He has four dragons.

The closest slams into Pyro, and instantly it's a battle of red and indigo, my friend against his monster. Go, Pyro, I urge him, unable to anything but attempt to desperately shout commands above the roars. Everything passes by so quickly I hardly notice that the giant dragon is about to snap me in half, fangs inches from my skin.

And then there's a searing blast of fire, the glowing, almost alabaster flames of my sister's dragon. Shock fills my blood: cruel, cold shock but relieved shock as well. Why would she save me? Why?

Kai's scales are stained with blood, and, as I look back to the king of our enemies, I note that his dragon flies with a torn wing. Retreating.

"You could have killed him! Idiot!" I hiss at Pandora, as our enemy follows suit. No doubt, the foe wants to lick his wounds before returning to fight again.

Then there's a scream that somehow stands out from the others , all too familiar as I catch a glimpse of a fleeing monster, spear plunging into the chest of somebody who I realise with terror, is Matthias.

No. Not him. Not him!

Pyro plunges down, and I throw myself from his back, clasping his hand.

"Don't leave me!" I scream. "Don't go! Please, Matt!"

He answers with a weak choke, blood staining his chest. "Sorry... Elektra," he manages, eyes fading in light. "Take them down... Won't you?"

"Yes!" I shout. "I'll take them down, but stay with me!"

It's too late. Matthias is dead.

Pandora lands beside me, her eyes imploring the question: What now?

"We're going after them," I snarl. "They will pay for this. They will pay."

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