At War

Two princesses are fighting a war for their father's throne. Now, they must inherit their father's mighty battle dragons, and end the war, one way or another... But who will win?


13. Elektra

"Elektra! They're here! The monsters are attacking!" Matthias is standing outside my door, a desperate look in his eyes. I curse.

"Go! Get my people safe inside the palace, tell somebody to prepare Pyro for flight! There's no time for armour, just get the saddle on!" I order him, grabbing my weapons. No time for armour - just my flying suit will do. Racing through the corridors, I shove past panicking servants, dashing to the dragon stables.

When I arrive, Pyro is saddled and waiting. His tail twitches with anticipation, as I throw myself onto his back, feeling his muscles beneath me as he beats his wings, launching himself into the air.

"No mercy! It's the monsters, burn every one you see!" I command my dragon. Swooping over the legions of creatures, Pyro blasts waves upon waves of fire at our adversaries, not for a moment waiting for them to react. Behind us, soldiers are forming protective ranks around the castle, as the citizens evacuate into the royal ground, taking shelter within my halls.

Notching an arrow to my bow, I single out their leaders, taking each down with a fatal shot. No longer is this simply my sister - this is an entirely new enemy, driven by the bloodlust that gleams within their obsidian eyes. They will not take my castle - the stronghold I've kept against my sister for the entire war. They cannot take from me the only place I've ever truly felt safe.

Pyro wheels around as we reach the back of their impossibly huge army of repulsively terrifying monsters, and I catch sight once more of my men - pushing back the monsters in feats of bravery and strength. Upon my castle walls stand the archers, whose arrows strike down creature after wretched creature.

That's when I hear the roar, the deep, threatening bellow that echoes through the sky.

And I know that only one creature can create such a sound.


Fear shoots through me - I've learnt to recognise Kai's roar, and this isn't Kai. Which can mean only one thing.

Pyro and Kai aren't the last dragons here. And not only does our new enemy have monsters: they also have a dragon.

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