In Your Arms

A girl named Elsa Burrell she is picked on constantly for things most people find beautiful. She finds her self meeting Harry styles what happens when he falls for her and gains all kinds of feelings for her when the rest of the world just won't approve of it.


8. Chapter 5: Kiss You

Harry's POV


I could actually punch Louis for daring me to do this. But maybe he just knows that I can't do it on my own. So here we are, I scoot over across the circle of people and lean in I stare at her for a second before whispering into her ear, "umm are you okay with this" by now my butterflies that were once in my stomach are now bats which flap around in my stomach giving me an undescribable natious. "A dare's a dare," she said obviously nervous. I looked looked at her in her eyes and leaned in farther. I kissed her.I think it lasted 2seconds before she pulled away and said "wait, look I know I agreed and all but I meet a famous boy band one night, and the next I'm kissing a member? Look this isn't right. Not that we have anything but honestly this isnt right."  I dont get it, why is it so hard for a famous person to find a person he, or she really likes? It isnt fair! Okay so now I sound like a five year old but it' so true. Ugh! "Yeah you're right this is weird you know kissing someone you only just met last night." I bite my lip. I'm hurt but I don't show it. We go on with the game. It was technoly  her turn but I think we all knew I was gonna take the turn I look over to Carlie and say " I dare you to do the chicken dance singing the colors of the rainbow as loud as you can, on roller blades. Outside. In front of this big, giant , neiborhood." You can only imagine the look on her face. That's when Liam screamed out, "I'll get the roller blades, and before you know it, I Harry Styles am watching a teenage girl, do the chicken dance, while singing he colors of the rainbow in rolls blades. Pretty  soon it was over. And it was Carlie's turn.



Elsa's POV


It's Carlies turn I'm not really worried I've already done my turn but then again no one mad eany official rules about only going once, which would be why Carlie looked at me and said, "Elsa, I dare you to sing" I can't believe her. She knows that I love singing. But I don't want to sing in front of them. I would rather go back to kissing Harry. Which doesn't seem that bad



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