In Your Arms

A girl named Elsa Burrell she is picked on constantly for things most people find beautiful. She finds her self meeting Harry styles what happens when he falls for her and gains all kinds of feelings for her when the rest of the world just won't approve of it.


2. Chapter 2: The Concert

Chapter 2: The Concert

Elsa's POV

The concert was amazing. On the way there me and Carlie had a conversation. " I wonder what Zayn Malik is lik? Is he nice, smart, funny, or all of the above? Or is he just a snobby jerk" I gained a worry look as those words came out of my mouth. Carlie had a comforting smirk on her face don't worry all the magazines say he is all of the above, except that last one. We both laughed. Well I didn't want to know what he was for the world I wanted to know what he was on the inside. We pulled up in the limo that my mom rented us. I was about to pass out.

During the concert I looked to my right to see Carlie jamming out to little things and we had front row seats so I was totally fangirling on the inside and out. It was weird how Zayn had always been my favorite but when I looked at Harry that night there was a rush I my system.

After the contest we went back stage and got in line after about five minutes of standing in line I felt a buzz in my pocket.

I slipped out my phone and seen I had a text from Christie she was the popular\snot. I'm not even sure why I have her as a contact. I checked to see the text and what it said. It was pretty long.

Look you idiot I heard you were looking to enter the talent show this year well it's not gonna happen. I've heard you sing and well you sound like a dying seal giving birth to tiger which is giving birth to a lion which is having a seizer. Besides I'll make posters of you being potty. Trained... At 9 years old. - Christie

I realized that she was the queen of black mail. That's when I turned running tears streaming down my face. I could feel everyone's eyes on me.

I found a bathroom and decided to lock my self in the stall that's when Carlie came in I couldn't see her face but I could here that she was worried.

Carlie's POV

I ran after her as fast as I could as I could see in the corner in my eye that Harry Styles followed me until he realized I was headed to the ladies restroom. When I got in the the bathroom I could hear a familiar crying noise. "Elsa." I whined "what's the matter" I felt so bad for her "Christie!"she said with anger in her voice. Then rage came throughout my system and I just screamed as loud as I could. I was sick and tired of her bossing us around. I calmed myself down to ask her one more question. "What did she do this time?" Suddenly she opens the stall door with red and puffy eyes she handed me her phone that had a text on it I read it thinking of those word dying seal? Elsa sounded amazing when she sang. "Look don't let her get to you there is your favorite famous boy-band out ther ready to sign your picture and us ready to meet you."that made her want to come out. So she did.

Elsa's POV

We walked out of the bathroom with me still letting out a tear or to, me still having red and puffy eyes. I was looking down when we came out. Then I saw a huge pair of shoes that were connected to legs which I followed up until I seen a face. It was Harry Styles he had a look of worry. " May I ask what is wrong?" "Just social problems." I replied. But what a really wanted to say was bully problems but I didn't want him to pity me.

Harry's POV

She came out with a single tear falling down her cheek. "May I ask you what is wrong?" I looked at her with a hint of worry. I could here the boys calling my name as they wanted-correction needed help with fans. But at that moment when she answered my question that one thing went through my head. What did she mean by SOCIAL problems she looked perfect I didn't understand it. But from that moment on I felt as I needed to protect her. I pulled her into a hug it lasted quite a few seconds. By the time I had pulled out of the hug paparazzi was right there and had taken pictures of the hug. I sighed in annoyance do to the fact I had no privacy.

Elsa's POV

I was shocked when he hugged me and even more shocked when I saw paparazzi taking pictures Harry quickly brought me over to the table which the fan-girls were not there since they had all met the band by now and gone home. Do you have something for one of us to sign?" He asked I shook my head shyly. He reached underneath the desk a and pulled out a picture of him self and asked " do you want me to sign this I nodded happily as he signed "I never did get your name. So who should I make it out to?" "Elsa" I replied quickly he wrote something down the paparazzi still over there've handed me the the picture and smiled.

I woke the next morning to the ringing of my phone I jumped up quickly it had startled me. I leaned to my night stand and grabbed my phone it was Carlie. What was she doing this early on spring break? I answered the phone and Carlie screamed you made I on the cover of peoples magazine I dropped my jaw not that she could see it. " look up on google and search Harry's new girl" she instructed me I did as I was told. Holy cow there were all kinds of websites with info that wasn't true and pictures that had been taken last night. Oh no what would harry think? I got out the autographed photo from last night and looked at it for the first time was gonna hang it on my wall but just then I noticed something. He wrote his cell phone number I felt the need to call him and tell him about what I was laying my eyes on. I dialed the number and he picked up on the second ring. "We need to talk"

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