In Your Arms

A girl named Elsa Burrell she is picked on constantly for things most people find beautiful. She finds her self meeting Harry styles what happens when he falls for her and gains all kinds of feelings for her when the rest of the world just won't approve of it.


1. Chapter 1: Happy Birthday

Chapter one: Happy Birthday

Elsa's POV

"Happy Birthday to you!" Yes they are singing happy birthday to me and no, no one came to my birthday party. Unfortunately I'm not all. I'm not sure how to explain it to you. My family is rich and all but, well you know how in the movies rich girl is most popular well, let's just say this is not the movies. So yeah I'm not popular but I am rich. " Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Elsa, Happy Birthday to you!" Every one continues and by everyone I mean my brother Zach and my two parents Maya and Andy. That is my whole family and they are the only ones who came to my party and my best friend Carlie of course we have been best friends since we were born literally when we were born that was two weeks apart my mom met her mom at the hospital Carlie had to stay in the hospital a lot longer then normal babies they thought there was something wrong with her but it turns out that it was nothing and anyways our moms met in the hospital cafeteria and have been friends since that was 19 years


"Time for presents" my mom explains I mope over to the huge marbled coffee table with all of the presents. I got quite a few presents considering the fact that no one came.

I sit down on the tan colored leather couch and pick out the smallest present it was an envelope I quickly open the envelope shredding the paper all over the floor "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" yes I did just scream because I got back stage tickets\ front row seats to see... Get ready... One Direction! And there were two tickets so both me and Carlie could go I didn't even care that I had like a dozen other presents just sitting on the table but I was forced to open them.


~Next week~ ( The day if the concert)

Me and Carlie went shopping like there's no tomorrow but that was yesterday so we were wrong! Just kidding. I got this out fit I knew not to wear a dress. So I wore a a marine blue sparkly shirt that ruffled up at the bottom with skinny jeans I brushed out my wet curls and put moose in it. ( the hair product) then letting my hair dry. It was 6:00 pm and I was ready.

Author's note: okay sorry it was so short but the next chapter will be at the concert and there will be more POV's thx for reading this

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