My Love

Hey! I'm Veronica I'm 17 and have two sister Fatima (18 yrs) and Marixa (9 yrs). Out mom is addicted to drugs and our dad is a killer. He left nine years ago. We think he's after us. Our life is pretty messed up. That's why we ran away to London. We lives in the USA. We went to a 1D concert and met the boys. I think I'm falling for Harry...I think he's falling for me...I think Fatima is falling for Niall...I think he's falling for her.... Will anything happen between me and Harry?? How about Fatima and Niall?? Read on to find out!!


16. I Love You

Harry's POV

"Hello love." I said to Veronica as she woke up slowly. "Good morning to you to." She said as she giggled. Her giggles were adorable to me. She was adorable to me. 😍 "omg!" She yelled loudly. "What is it?!" I asked quickly. She laughed and out my hand on her stomach. I suddenly felt a slight kick from her inner stomach. I smiled really wide because that was my baby girl inside of her. My baby girl...we will laugh...we will play...but most if all we will love. After the baby stopped kicking Veronica and I sat there laying in bed. "Can we umm maybe...?" I asked her. She giggled. "I'm not in a sexy kind of mood but we can make out a bit." I nodded my head. We made out and explored each other's mouths for what seemed like hours until we started to get hungry. She broke the kiss. I heard her stomach growl. "The baby wants what it wants." She said. "But what about me?" I asked in a baby voice. "And my baby harry will just have to wait." She laughed and walked down stairs.

Veronica's POV

I walked down stairs to make me some pb and j and then make harry some chocolate milk and put it in a baba like a baby. I ate and brought it up to him. He was laying shirtless watching tv on the bed. He looked sexy. "Here you go sweet pea." I handed him the bottle. He took it and smirked. He drank it and said, "I'm hungry mommy." I giggled. "For what?" I asked. "For you..." He pulled me on top of him and we made out and grinned for a bit. Then after we were done we watched some tv and made a couple of vines since we were bored. Then me and Harry tweeted...

Harry's tweet: @veronicastyles and I are having a baby you my sweet angles! ;*

My tweet (Veronica): I have a little angel growing inside of me...@HarryStyles little angle that is..

Twitter went crazy with questions and comments like...

1: @HarryStyles first marriage and now a baby?! Your mine! Not hers!!! Stop fucking her you bastard! Come fuck me!!

Then there were some nice ones...

@HarryStyles and @VeronicaStyles if your happy I'm happy. I know you two will be awesome parents...wish the best for you two!! ;*

@VeronicaStyles: thanks @directioner your very kind and we appreciate your love and support. :)

I turned off my phone and turned to see a sleeping harry. "My baby.." I whispered as I set my head on his chest and cuddled up to him. I fell asleep dreaming about what she would look like. Why if she had my grandmother's blond hair? Or my grandfathers red hair? Would it be curly or straight? All I know is that she'll be cute and I'll love her...

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