My Love

Hey! I'm Veronica I'm 17 and have two sister Fatima (18 yrs) and Marixa (9 yrs). Out mom is addicted to drugs and our dad is a killer. He left nine years ago. We think he's after us. Our life is pretty messed up. That's why we ran away to London. We lives in the USA. We went to a 1D concert and met the boys. I think I'm falling for Harry...I think he's falling for me...I think Fatima is falling for Niall...I think he's falling for her.... Will anything happen between me and Harry?? How about Fatima and Niall?? Read on to find out!!


7. Harry+me

Veronica's POV

When I woke, Harry's arm was around my waist. I giggled a bit and he started to shuffle. I didn't want to wake him. He looked so peace full when he slept. I got up with out waking him and looked behind me. Niall's arms were wrapped around Fatima's stomach. I smiled. I looked over and saw Marixa sleeping with niall's puppy max. She looks adorable with the dog. I walked down stairs to make breakfast. I made pancakes, bacon, toast, eggs, waffles, and some fruit. I set it all out nice and neat. When I went back into the room the only one awake was Marixa and she was playing with max. I whispered to her, "Go jump on Harry to wake him up." She looked at me funny. I nodded my head and winked. She nodded back and had a huge from on her face. She ran up and jumped all over Harry. "Ok ok! I surrender I'm up!" It woke everyone els up. Including Lexi who was sleeping across the room. "What smells so good? I smell food give me food!" Niall said. We all laughed. "Alright alright. It's all ok the table food lover boy." We laughed and ate breakfast. Lexi and Marixa went back to the hotel for a bit, Niall and Fatima went to the store to get some snacks. We were all craving the munchies. "Umm can I ask you something love?" He asked me. "Of course harry. Ask away." I giggled. He smiled. "A-would you like to be my girl friend Veronica?" I nodded my head. "I would love to be your girl friend harry!!" I know I just met him yesterday but I know he's the one. I kiss him on the lips and that's when Niall and Fatima walked in.

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