My Love

Hey! I'm Veronica I'm 17 and have two sister Fatima (18 yrs) and Marixa (9 yrs). Out mom is addicted to drugs and our dad is a killer. He left nine years ago. We think he's after us. Our life is pretty messed up. That's why we ran away to London. We lives in the USA. We went to a 1D concert and met the boys. I think I'm falling for Harry...I think he's falling for me...I think Fatima is falling for Niall...I think he's falling for her.... Will anything happen between me and Harry?? How about Fatima and Niall?? Read on to find out!!


4. Dresses and Dinner

Veronica's POV

When I woke Marixa was sleeping right next to me. I placed a soft kiss on her head and got up to make breakfast. When everybody woke the first thing Lexi said was, "I smell the good. Give me the food." I giggled and set a plate down in front of everyone. We all dig in. "Thank you it was yummy!" Says Marixa. "Yeah it was super good." Added Fatima. Then Lexi chirped in and said. "Best.Meal.Ever." We laughed and went shopping. Marixa is gonna wear a Minnie dress with a fluffy loose bottom and a now to go with it. Lexi is wearing a pink fluffy dress with a bow around the waist. Fatima has a red dress with white strips on the loose part. Tight at the top and loose at the bottom. On the tight part at he top it says '1D' in white. I am wearing a blue short dress with no straps or anything. It has a flower at the right on my cup part of the dress. I slip on my blue high tops and straitened my hair. I give everyone their shoes. Lexi is wearing heels that are pink. Fatima is wearing some red pumps. And Marixa is wearing some pink sketchers. I curl Marixa's hair , put Fatima's hair into a braid, and then put Lexi's into a stylish ponytail. We put on our make up except Marixa. I put some lip gloss on her and put a tiny bit of eye shadow and blush on her but that's it. No don't put very much on me either. Just mascara, lip balm, and eye shadow. All light. We walk out the door satisfied with our selves. We go to dinner and have a great time. We went to 'The Rose' the most fancy restaurant in London. We kept getting weird looks from people but we just ignore them because we know we're not fancy. We giggle and eat and play. When were done Lexi pays for us we thank her and leave. When we arrive at the concert there are large men waiting for is since we got the best seats and we can't get there with out some help. We follow the men to he back stage. That's when I saw...Him....

Omg what happens next! I'm posting the chappie in ten mins! Thanks for reading! Love you munchkins! Sorry it was short :( hope you like it! Next chapter will be longer :) byee!! Muah! ;*

-In Love With Harry

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