Leaves of Lines [Poetry collection]

A compilation of my poetry ranging across the board. [I'm not depressed, by the way]

So far, these are all published as separate movellas, so you can either comment here on the whole, or if you want to leave comments on a specific poem, feel free to find that one in my list. Either way is fine with me! Photo cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109065142@N02/sets


9. In Your Shadow (Pt. 1)


In your shadow

I stand,

And always have.

In your shadow

I walk,

And always will.


No one recognizes 

my face,

like yours.

No one notices

me there,

like you.


They praise you,

they worship you,

they bow to you,

they defer to you,

But me.

No one notices me.


I stand in your shadow,

There do I lurk.

You get the attention,

I get the work.


You get the praise,

I get the glance,

You get the adoration,

I do the dance.


I know it’s not your fault,

you didn’t ask for this.

I know I lost my shot,

but did I even miss?


The older child:

how great you are.

The younger child:

how’d you get that scar?.


The scar on my heart

the scar on my mind.

I can’t get it off,

Peace I can’t find.


I apologize now,

for doing what I must.

I need attention,

You’ll understand, I trust.


I’m running away,

leaving you now.

Please don’t be sad,

I’ll find you somehow.


No one will miss me,

No one will know.

No one will notice;

Go on with the show. 

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