Leaves of Lines [Poetry collection]

A compilation of my poetry ranging across the board. [I'm not depressed, by the way]

So far, these are all published as separate movellas, so you can either comment here on the whole, or if you want to leave comments on a specific poem, feel free to find that one in my list. Either way is fine with me! Photo cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109065142@N02/sets


14. Goodbye.


This is goodbye,

This is farewell.

It’s been fun.


This is the last time I’ll see you,

the last chance to tell

just what it is about you,

that’s captured me so well.


I came so close to saying, 

I came so close, you know.

How I wish you were staying,

but perhaps it’s best you go.


Maybe I’ll move on now,

now that you are gone.

I’d say I’ll forget somehow,

but we both know I’d be wrong.


They say first love never dies,

how am I to know?

Love- a word that never applies,

emotions that never show.


I said I don’t believe in love,

it’s simply not for me.

But then push came to shove,

and suddenly I could see.


You’re the perfect one for me,

but, alas, I’ve let you go.

To point out the things that we could be

is the lowest of the low.


Love is still shrouded in doubt,

at least for me, for now.

But so close to learning what it’s about,

you slipped away somehow.


This is goodbye, I’m moving on,

I hope you’ll understand.

I’d like to think that with you gone,

I’ll return from this dreamland.


This is goodbye, this is farewell,

it’s been fun indeed.

I hope you’ll return with stories to tell,

Something tells me you’ll succeed.

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