Will He Love me? (Punk Harry Styles)

When Abby moves to Homes Chapel U.K. she would have never have thought she was going to be friends with the bad boy/player Harry Styles at her new school. Everybody tells her he's just bad news but she think's differently and also grows feeling for him later on. But will Harry stop being a player and love Abby the same way as she loves him?


6. First day of school

(Abby's pov)                        *Thursday*

"Abby wake up honey time to get up for school" my mom said shaking me "ughh what time is it" "7:30 and school start's at 8:55 wake up" my mom said "5 more minutes''I said as I covering my head with me blankets "no Abby time to get up" she said pulling the blankets off of me "fine I'm up" I said sitting up on my bed "good, now get ready and go downstairs to eat" my mom said and left. Once I got up I went to my bathroom in my room and turned on the shower and waited till it was warm enough. When it was finally warm enough I stripped down and took a 20 minute shower. Once I was done with my shower I rapped a towel around me and went to my closet and decided to wear my tied Adidas shirt, my shirts and peach/pink vans. When I was done changing I went back to my bathroom and did my makeup and left my hair down naturally. When I was done I grabbed my bag and went downstairs to the kitchen. "Ready'' I said as I entered the kitchen and grabbing a banana and a water bottle, "you're not gonna eat the breakfast I made?" my mom asked ''no, I'm not that hungry" I said peeling the banana and eating it "okay well let's go then , I'm driving you guys to school " my mom said "okay" I said throwing away the banana peel and putting on my shoes and going to the car. *SKIP CAR RIDE* When we finally got to the school, all I wanted to do was go back home and not go to school......but to late I'm already here "okay well have a good day at school" my mom said to me and my brother. As we got of the car and walked to the doors I saw from the corner of my eye a tall tattooed curly brown hair guy wearing sunglasses and looking at me. When I turned my head to look at him, he glanced away and stomped out on his cigarette  and said something to to a gut with brown hair and blue eyes that also had tattoo's. That's weird I thought, when we got in we went to the main office "hi we need are schedules" my brother James said to the lady in the front desk "names please" the lady asked " James West and Abigail West" he said "okay here you go" she said handing us are schedules and maps "thank you" we both said "you're welcome dears, if you need help  just come back to the main office and ask" she said and went back to work. "Hey Abby I will see you st lunch okay " James said as we got out of the office "okay" "and make friends" he said "no promises" I said as we went are separate ways. As I was walking trying to find my science class I bumped into someone "careful" the same guy I saw starring at me said "oh uh sorry" I said picking up my map "it's okay love"he said winking at me and walking away "uhhh okay then" I said as I walked away to find my class. As I finally found my science class, I entered the room and you know when a person enters a room everybody looks at them will that's how it was for me....... "ahhh you must be Abigail West, am I right?" the guy that I assumed was the teacher asked "yea but call me Abby" "ahhh well nice to meet you Abby I'm Mr.Wolf, please take a seat at an empty desk"he said. As I walked to one of the empty desks in the back and sat down the bell rang and a minute later the same guy I saw staring at me and I bumped into came walking in the classroom "Harold Styles you're late!" Mr.Wolf said "yea I know, and it's Harry NOT Harold" the guy said "well that's a detention for being late now please take a seat" Mr.Wolf said "fine with me" he said walking to a seat. Once he sat down to the seat next me he didn't pay attention to the teacher but  just kept on staring at me, I could tell cause I could see him from the corner of my eye so I turned my head at him and he turned his head "okay then?" I thought. When the bell finally rang I grabbed my stuff and walked to my next class which was geometry. As I got in the classroom I went up to the teacher "hi umm I'm the new student, Abby West" I said to the lady ''nice to meet you I'm Mrs. Cullen, please take a seat" she said "okay". Once I sat down int the back a girl came up to me "hi you're new here right?" she asked "yea I'm Abby" ''oh well welcome to the school and I'm Bella " she said "thanks and nice to meet you Bella" "can I see your schedule?" she asked "yea sure" I said as I handed it to her "hey we have lunch, English, gym, and this class together"she said smiling "cool" I said "do you want to eat lunch with me "she asked as she handed back me schedule "yea sure, I would like that" I said putting it away "cool" she said. When class was finally over Bella and I walked to are next class but later went different ways since we have different classes. Two classes later and it was finally lunch time. As I was at my locker putting away my stuff to go too lunch, I felt someone behind me when I turned around it was just Bella. "Bella you scared me" I said as I had a hand on my chest " sorry, you ready" she said "yea hold on though I got a text" I said grabbing my phone and see who it was.

go to the patio outside the cafeteria, I will be waiting at a table-James :P
okay be there in a minute-Abby :)

"Who is that your boyfriend" Bella asked "eww no it was my brother telling me to meet him at the patio outside" I said "oh sorry"she said "it's okay let's go to lunch". When we went outside to the patio I saw harry and I'm guessing is his friends with him were outside smoking. "Abby over here'' James yelled "hey bro this is my friend Bella, Bella this is my bro James" I said introducing them "hey" they both said "this is Ryan, Ryan this is my little sis Abby" "hey" we both said "well we gonna go sit inside and sit down with a group of people"James said "okay bye" I said and with that they left, "you want to get lunch?" Bella asked "yea sure". After we got are lunch and sat down at a table I noticed harry and his friends walking in. When they passed by us I saw harry wink at me and sat down 2 tables away "harry styles just winked at you" Bella said "yea and it was just a wink" I said is if it was nothing "he's bad news and a major player Abby" she said "okay calm down" I said to her  "fine" "anyway who is the people with harry" I asked "the guy with the brown hair and quiff next to the blonde girl is Zayn, the girl with the blonde hair is Perrie the girlfriend of Zayn, the guy next to Zayn on the other side with the brown hair and that has arrow tattoo on his left arm is Liam, and the guy across Liam with the brown hair and blue eyes is Louis and the brown hair girl next him is Eleanor Louis girlfriend, the guy next to Louis on the other side with the blonde and brown hair and green hat is Niall and you know harry" Bella said  "oh cool" I said as I looked at all of them. After lunch and two classes later it was finally the end of the day thank god, as I went to my locker and opened it and put all my books in my locker  I heard something around the corner. When I went around the corner I saw a girl and I think Harry making out "ewww" I thought and walked outside to where my brother was and went home. When I got home I went to the kitchen to get a snack to eat, as I entered the kitchen I saw my mom "hey mom" I said as I opened the fridge "hey hon, how was school?" my mom said/asked  "okay" I said as I grabbed a juice box and drinking "did you make any friends?" she asked "yup, her name is Bella" "well that's good" she said "yea well I'm gonna go and do homework" I said walking out the kitchen "okay well dinner will be ready in 30 minutes" mom said and went back to watch she was doing. When I went upstairs to my room I changed into my pink plaid pj bottoms  and white tank top and put my hair up to a messy bun, when I was done changing I got started on my homework. Once I was done with my homework I went down stairs and ate dinner then went back upstairs to my room and put my alarm on my phone and went to bed. 



HOLA! heheheh well I just want to sat again sorry if it is short and I'm glad that you get you guys are reading this and that I saw 6 people favorite I was so happy even though it's a small number I don't care... well see ya later my little chipmunks! ^-^

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