Will He Love me? (Punk Harry Styles)

When Abby moves to Homes Chapel U.K. she would have never have thought she was going to be friends with the bad boy/player Harry Styles at her new school. Everybody tells her he's just bad news but she think's differently and also grows feeling for him later on. But will Harry stop being a player and love Abby the same way as she loves him?


12. chapter 6 PARTY!!!

(Abby's p.o.v) *SAME DAY AT THE PART*

  Once we got inside the house I could smell the alcohol in the air and see people grinding each other on the dance floor "I'll be with Ryan and with some friends if you need me text me and don't drink to much! Oh and here are the keys if you want to leave early" James said in my ear and disappearing into the crowd of people dancing "let's go get a drink" I said loud enough for Bella to hear "okay" she mouthed. As we got throw the crowd and to the kitchen to get a drink, we decided to hit the dance floor. Once we got on the dance floor Bella and I started dancing with random guys.


(*Harry's p.o.v*)

"You think she is gonna come" Niall asked "well I did talk to her brother didn't I" I said while drinking my beer "yea but that doesn't mean anything" he said "well if she does tell me" I said leaving to get another beer. After a while I started to think that she was never going to show up but oh well, as I was about to go too the living room when Niall stopped me "you won't believe it, I just saw Abby's friend I think her name is Bella here" Niall said "okay and" I said getting annoyed "well if Abby's friend is here then Abby must be here to with her" he said "good job, where did you see her?" "on the dance floor" he said pointing to the people dancing. "okay come with me so you can distract Abby's friend Bella while I'm with Abby" I said as Niall nodded 'okay' and followed me to the dance floor. Once we got to the dance floor  I saw Abby, and can I just say DAMN! she looks sexy as f*ck. As I nudged Niall to go too Bella an distract her, once she was distracted I went up behind Abby and started to dance with her. As I put my hands on her waist to pull her closer , she started to grind on me. "let's get out of here." I said in her ear.


(*Abby's p.o.v*)

As I was dance to my favorite song "show me" by kid ink and Chris brown I felt a guy behind me dancing on me, so I kept dancing. When the guy grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, so I started to grind on him. Don't judge me! "Let's get out of here" I heard the guy say in my ear and I was going to nod my head yea but I then recognized his voice and it was Harry. "No" I turned around and told him flatly and left him there. As I left him there with his answer, I went to go find Bella to get the hell out of here, and to my surprise she was dancing but with NIALL! "Come on we're leaving." I grabbed her hand and started walking her out of the house and into the car. "ABBY WAIT!" I heard some yell and again it was Harry. "What do you want." I said with annoyance in my voice.

"Why are you leaving?" He asked once he was in front of me. "Because I don't want to be here anymore, and Bella is drunk. And if that's all I'm gonna go now." I turned around and got in the car and drove home and just saw harry in the review mirror stand there until getting smaller and then gone. When I finally got home, I helped Bella out and get inside to my room. "Abby I love you." she slurred, as we entered my room. "I love you too." I giggled and tucked her in my bed. Once I was done I texted James that I went home and changed into my  pjs and took off my make-up. Once I was done my phone buzzed signaling me that I have a message.

'Okay. Be home in 30 mins. Oh and Ryan's staying the night just so you now.'- James :P
'Okay. Be careful coming home'-Abby :)

When I sent the text, I went to bed and fell asleep.



I know I know what a shitty short chapter but if you liked it then thank you!! *hugs person how liked it* but I will update tomorrow maybe....... but COMMENT,HEART,FAVORITE AND FOLLOW!! :)

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