Will He Love me? (Punk Harry Styles)

When Abby moves to Homes Chapel U.K. she would have never have thought she was going to be friends with the bad boy/player Harry Styles at her new school. Everybody tells her he's just bad news but she think's differently and also grows feeling for him later on. But will Harry stop being a player and love Abby the same way as she loves him?


10. chapter 5 TGIF! (thank god it's Friday!)

(Abby's p.o.v)

"OH YEA WAKE UP YEA OH YEA WAKE UP YEA OH YEA WAKE UP YEA!" my alarm chanted. As I pressed the off button on my phone so it can shut up, I got up and did my morning routine. Once I was done with my morning shower and changed into shorts and a American eagle  crop top, I did my make up naturally and did my hair in to a sided fish tail. Once I was done I put my shoes and grabbed my bag and went down stairs. When I entered the kitchen I grabbed a bowl of cereal and started to eat 5 minutes later my brother came in "hey ready to go?" James asked as he enter the kitchen "yea and is mom going to take us to school again?" I said/asked as I put my bowl in the sink okay and no I'm gonna drive us to school mom gave me the car" he said as he grabbed the keys "oh okay"I said leaving the kitchen and getting out of the house and going in the car and my brother following my but going to the driver side.*SKIP CAR RIDE* When we got to school I saw bella waiting for me outside waiting for me "hey there girlie" I said as I went up to her "hey" she said linking my arm and walking to the doors.


(*Harry's p.o.v*)

As I saw Abby from afar getting out of the car and walking if her friend to the doors I couldn't take my eyes off of her. " hey mate you all right?" louis asked coming to my side " yea why wouldn't I be?" I said/asked back while smoking my cigarette "well cause you're starring at the new girl" he said "yea and" I said throwing my cigarette to the ground and crushing it "I'm just sayin that if you want her then why don't you just get her" he said "oh I will  trust me I will" I said and went inside. The classes went by really fast and it was all ready lunch, when I was walking to go to the patio I saw from the window that Abby was outside with her friend eating lunch. When I got outside I saw Abby all alone giving me the chance to talk too her "Hey Abby" I said as I walked up behind her and scaring her "oh uhh hey harry" she said holding her hand to her chest "didn't mean to scare you" I said sitting down in front of her "it's okay, so what did you need?" she said/asked "well I wanted to ask you to go to a party with me" I said looking into her eyes and smirking "oh ughh thanks harry but no thanks" she said getting up and leaving with her trash. "she'll get around they all ways do" I thought.


(*Abby's p.o.v*)

After I told Harry no I got up and left him there sitting alone, why do people think he is bad news he seems kind nice and I think he's A LITTLE BIT cute I said A LITTLE BIT.When I got inside I went looking for bella, once I found her I told her what happened outside in the patio "good thing you told him no" she said "yea but I don't no why you think he is bad news, he seems kind nice" I said to her "yea, but he is a player abby" she said "yea I know" "oh we better go or we will be late to class' she said grabbing her stuff "okay" I said grabbing my stuff too. The day was finally over thank god and what even better it's Friday! As I went to my locker and got my stuff I saw bella leaving "BELLA!"  I yelled as I shut my locker and ran to her "hey whats up" she said as I catched up to her "nothing just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out today" I said walking with her now " yea sure" she said "yay let's go then" I said grabbing her arm and walking to the car. As we got out I saw james talking to a guy but I couldn't tell who it was from afar but when bella and I got closer it was harry that he was talking to "hey isn't that your brother talking to harry ?" bella asked "yea, I wonder why he is talking to harry?" I said. When bella and I got the car they had already finished talking "see yea james" harry said walking away and winking at me when he passed by me ''see ya" james said back, "what were you guys talking about?" I asked "nothing really"he said walking to the driver side of the car "well it didn't look like nothing" I said back "well it was nothing" he said getting annoyed "okay fine, oh and bella is coming over" I said getting in the car and bella doing the same ''okay" he said getting in the car and staring the engine and driving home. The whole car ride home bella and I were goofing off in the car but finally we were at my house, once james parked the car we went in the house and dropped are bags by the door "MOM WHERE HOME!" I yelled as we entered the house, no one answered back "MOM?" I yelled again entering the kitchen, still nothing. When I was about to leave the kitchen to go join bella and james in the living room, I saw a note on the counter table

I'm not going to be home till late at night because of work so behave! Also there is takeout menus in one of the  drawers and money in the cookie jar if you guys get hungry. love you -mom

Once I was done reading the note I put it back on the table and went to the living room "good news we get the house to are selves" I said falling down on the couch sitting next to bella "what do you mean have the house to are selves?" james asked while getting the remote to the t.v. "mom left a note sayin that she will be coming home late at night" I said "cool" he said turning on the t.v. "yea well bella and I are gonna be in my room if you need me" I said getting up and grabbing bella's arm and taking her upstairs "okay" he said while watching t.v. "So what do you want to do?" I asked bella as we entered my room "nice room and I don't know umm do you want to watch movies?" she said sitting down on my bed "thanks and yea sure" I said going on my bed and and turning my t.v and put Netflix on "what do you want to watch?" I asked going on search " surprise me" she said while getting comfy "okay". When I finally decided the movie I pressed play on John Tucker must Die, oh how I love this movie! An hour later and a half the movie ended, "that was a good movie" bella said "yea" I said getting up and stretching from laying down to long knock knock "come in" I said sitting back down on my bed "hey, what were you guys doin?" james asked "we were watchin a movie but it just ended but whats up? I said/asked  "oh that I'm going to a party with ryan and just wanted to know if you wanted to go too the party so you wouldn't be here bored" he said "you want to go?" I asked bella "yea but I don't have clothes  with me" she said "don't worry I can let you borrow some of my clothes" I said to her "okay thanks' she said smiling at me "I guess we are going to a party" I said to james "okay we are leaving at 9:30 so get ready" he said leaving my room "okay well that leaves us 2 hrs to get ready" I said looking at my phone for the time and seeing that it was 7:30 "okay, oh and can you do my makeup since you do yours so good" bella asked "yea, and I can do your hair and you can my hair" I said getting up "okay" she said getting up too "okay come with me" I said grabbing her hand and taking her to the bathroom to do her makeup and hair. 45 minutes later I was done with her hair and makeup "done" I said "wow thank you abby!" she said standing up and looking in the mirror at her curled hair with a braid and makeup and turning around to hug me "your welcome, now it's my turn" I said hugging her back and then sitting down to get started. Once I was done with my makeup and bella finished with my hair it was now 9:05 "wow bella thank you" I said looking at my curly hair in the mirror and turning around to hug her "it's the least I can do since you did my makeup and hair" she said "yea well let's get dressed we only have 15 minutes" I said taking her hand and going back to my room, once we finally decided what to wear, Bella picking out a crop tank top and a black skirt and me picking out a black dress we changed as fast as we could and I got to say we looked hot. When we went down stairs shoes in hand I saw james with ryan in the living room  watching t.v. "hey ready?" he asked while turning off the t.v. and getting up "yea" I said putting on my heels and bella doing the same "you look good and so do you ryan" I said standing up "thanks so do you guys now lets go'' james said as he grabbed the keys and opening the door for bella and I. When we got in the car and started driving I started to get excited cause I love me some parties lol, when we finally got there we parked in front of a huge house and started walking to the door when we were walking we could here the music from outside! oh how I love parties!!



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