Tough Loving You (Phanfiction)

Dan and Phil are some of the best vloggers in the world. They love what they do, stating the obvious. But they have one of the toughest jobs too. Phil has never kept a secret from his best friend Dan, all except one. When Dan discovers it his life is put in a different perspective but soon Dan finds it every increasingly difficult to keep his amazing lifestyle in order. As it crashes, will Phil be his answer to everything?


4. The Hidden

"And if you liked this video please thumb me! And I'll see you all at vidcon!" Dan finished the video. Stopped recording.

"That went really well, Phil!" Dan smiles at Phil after such a fantastic recording.

"It couldn't have gone better."

Phil liked it when Dan praised him for what he loved doing most in the world. He somehow felt better and gained confidence, but also wanted so much to hug and kiss Dan after any such comment, Dan had really changed his life.

"Thanks! You were really good too, I loved that bit about us living like the crystals. But I'm soooo hungry right now." Phil said back

"But you ate half a packet of MY cereal that has the most calories in it EVER, and your hungry." Dan joked

"We have Oreos left over I think"

"I think we should just go out, you know, just the two of us tonight"

What Dan had just said made Phil so excited, maybe Dan DID feel the same way. Nah. It's just like if he had dinner with Louise. Could Dan ever love Phil?

"We'll go to that Mexican place down the road, that's just opened, apparently it's quite good!" Dan suggested

"Yeah, we'll go tonight."

Phil then got up and took his iPhone out of his back pocket.

"Have you seen the time!? It's like 4.30 already, the day has gone so quickly." Phil said to Dan, 'it always goes quickly when I'm with you, love' Phil thought to himself. He daren't say it out loud.

"I'll book the table for 6 then" Dan said to Phil, looking deep into his eyes.

"Okay, cool. I'm gonna have a shower at 5.30 then. I need to update twitter now, I'll see you in a bit, love" Phil let that word slip right out of his mouth, completely accidentally.

'Oh shit, how do I cover that mistake up! I can't tell him now' Phil thought to himself, racking his brains for an excuse.

"What did you just say Phil? You called me 'love'. Wha-what do you mean by that?" Dan smiled with a confused look shadowing his face. Phil couldn't do anything. Busted.

"Umm, I-I" he was panicking. Again.

"I didn't mean to say that. It-it's meaningless. Slipped up in words, sorry." Phil tried to cover it up, he was doing no favours for himself. He quickly walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, he lent up against it and slid down sitting on the floor. Phil thought he'd be crying, sobbing on the floor in misery. But he wasn't, he had a broadened smile on his face. A tear of happiness down his cheek. He even let out a giggle. Because finally it didn't matter about Dans choice. It was his choice, and he chose Dan. He will tell him soon.

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