Tough Loving You (Phanfiction)

Dan and Phil are some of the best vloggers in the world. They love what they do, stating the obvious. But they have one of the toughest jobs too. Phil has never kept a secret from his best friend Dan, all except one. When Dan discovers it his life is put in a different perspective but soon Dan finds it every increasingly difficult to keep his amazing lifestyle in order. As it crashes, will Phil be his answer to everything?


2. The Call

This is the first Fanfiction I have ever written, it does include swearing and later a bit of smut but mainly fluff so please enjoy! Criticism welcomed and any tips etc. thank you!!

Dan heard the phone blast right next to his head, the ringtone of Nyan cat. He sniggered and hiccuped a laugh. In bed, he wearily got his hand to stretch and answer the call, his arm straining with the early morning cramps. He quickly looked at the time and back to the screen. It was 10.35. He'd overslept. Again. He put the phone on loudspeaker, flopped on his back in hopelessness, put the phone near his head to hear a grumbly voice on the other end of the phone.

"Is this Daniel Howell?"

"Yeah, it's me. Wh-who is this?" Dan struggled to say, the light from the gap in the curtains blinding him.

"BBC hq. Head of award nomination and broadcast." The man paused. "We would like you and your friend Phil Lester to present the first 7 awards for 30minutes on Saturday. Alfie and Zoe have dropped out at the last minute, and we would like you two to take their place. Would you like to do it on Saturday?"

Dan put his hand up against the blinding sunlight. He mumble what he had just heard the man say to himself, then he had a sudden realisation if what it all meant.

"OMG yes! Yes! That would be absolutely fantastic! I'm sure Phil will be overwhelmed with this too!" It was an embarrassingly late answer and a bit over the top for Dans comfort.

"Thank you. We appreciate that this is last minute schedule timings. We will be needing you from 5-7.45 in two days time."

"Right. That's fine, we will be at the O2 then." Dans voice wheezing in the early cold air and happiness.

"Brilliant. We will see you then, we knew we could rely on you to take over. If you have any quires, call BBC ask for Harold Blickling. Sorry for being a bit last minute and thank you for helping us."

"We are excited to be part of it, goodbye!"

Dan hung up, all the conversation was whirling through his head. He had never been more cheesy in his life. So was the booming man on the other end had the cringyest voice ever. He know remembered how excited he was. His heart thumping in disbelief. He couldn't wait to tell Phil.

Dan just lay, he looked up at the ceiling and stared at it. Half an hour went before he decided he may have to tell Phil about Saturday. Dan wearily rolled over to check his iPhone for notifications. Nothing. As he looked at the time he realised his body was hanging on the bed only just. He was beginning to lose his balance.

"Oh Shit!" He mumbled as he tried to grab the cover behind him to keep him stable, but that just made the covers gather up towards him. He realised he was going to lose so he flailed in his last attempt to save himself before his body slumped on the floor.

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