Tough Loving You (Phanfiction)

Dan and Phil are some of the best vloggers in the world. They love what they do, stating the obvious. But they have one of the toughest jobs too. Phil has never kept a secret from his best friend Dan, all except one. When Dan discovers it his life is put in a different perspective but soon Dan finds it every increasingly difficult to keep his amazing lifestyle in order. As it crashes, will Phil be his answer to everything?


7. The Awkward Meal

As the pair of vloggers walked into the Mexican restaurant, Phil had butterfly's in his tummy. He'd never felt more alive, and he really liked having those small talks with Dan about anything that pops into mind. The best thing was, there was never any silent moments, those awkward situations where you don't know what to say as they were always having new things into their life, constantly changing, wizzing, whirling and swirling in their world. Phil knew this was going to be a very nice night out. Different from any other time too. As soon as they stepped through the door, the classic british crappy rainy weather had started, it felt to Dan as though the heavens had opened as soon as they were safe from the wet.

"How many?" A young bright smiling waiter asked them.

"Just the two of us thanks" Dan quickly replied

"Okay, over here is your table then." He said, not sure of the two guys relationship.

He sat them at a candle lit table away from the buzzing main room where Dan and Phil had hoped to be for lack of awkwardness, but here was the only place. The table was romantically set, the silver cutlery glinting in the candle light. They sat in the chairs with the bronze studded outline of pinned leather and fine dark oak all ruffled and old.

Dan looked around at the couples and parties of people surrounding them, all giggling and, oh look, a man with a ring in his pocket, a girlfriend with accepting, hopeful eyes. This was a posh and uncomfortable environment for both of them.

While Dan was observing everywhere, Phil browsed though the selection of food for the evening. He kept looking up at the increasingly attractive Dan, feeling tension pulling in his stomach, wondering if Dan now knew about his lust for him.

Finally Phil had decided on his meal, he looked up at Dan, who was still engrossed in the selection of food in this hostile environment.

"Have you decided yet, Dan?" Phil cowardly asked.

"Ummm..." Dan continued to scan the selection before stating "yeah, I think so" as he looked up from the menu he held a beautiful smile at Phil and put down the menu on the clothed table. Before it got any more awkward with Dan and Phil just smiling and slightly staring at each other, a waitress came over to interrupt the awkward silence.

"Are you ready to order?" She asked, she had a Scottish accent.

"Um yeah" Dan said, looking up at Phil as if to say 'go ahead, you order.


After they placed their orders, Dan got up from the table, bashing his knee on the under table.

"Oh shi-" then he remembered where he was. A few people on neighbouring tables scowled and sent a shiver down Dans spine before he could feel himself blushing.

Phil thought his blush was the cutest thing in the world, with his awkward smile and beautiful hair.

"Um, crud, right. Phil I'm just off to- yeah, I'll be back in a moment." And he scuttled off to leave Phil sitting there, his tummy filled with butterflies in love with his best friend, but also relieved that he could be alone for a bit.

Dan entered the men's room. There was no indication that it was the men's though as there was no signs.

Omg, what am I going to do about Phil? I can't even look at him without smiling like an idiot. I will need to settle my feelings, I mean, maybe I do feel the same way about him as he does with me. Argh!

At that moment a big buff man stepped into the room, over looking a tall, skinny boy, blushing, leaning over the sink and staring deep into his eyes, like looking into his soul. Dan was to busy engrossed in himself to notice this terrify fat man. The man made his way to the toilets, guilty looking like he'd interrupted the boys deep thought and trauma. Maybe that's what Dan was going through, but he hadn't realised it yet. A smile can't be a mask forever.

Dan continued to look at himself, he could feel tears welling up in his sockets and his heart rate speed up. Sniffling, he chose to fight what his heart said. Everything was happening at once. Dan then briskly turned on the cold tap and smeared his face in the freezing waterfall, hoping to clear his mind and continue the evening with out any more awkward silences or questions raised about their relationship.

He looked at himself once more.

Well, I look better than a mess that I was earlier.

Dans eyes still looked a pink, but with a convincing enough smile, he trudged back to a worried Phil in the environment of hell for them.

"Are you alright?" Phil exclaimed as he saw his pinkening friend approaching the table.

"Yeah I'm fir-fine! Why? Oh and I'm sorry I was a bit long." Dan apologetically stuttered to Phil as he sat down. A few seconds later their food arrived. The beaming waitress placed their plates of warm food onto the table and left them to enjoy their meal.

Dan decided some conversation was definitely in need at this time, they've been in too much silence tonight.

"So, are you looking forward to vidcon?" Dan tried to start a conversation for the future with Phil.

Phil, stirred from the sudden impact of conversation Dan created, chewed his food quickly in order to reply.

"Umm, yeah, I'm really looking toward to meeting up with everyone again, like, the gang and all that. I'm thinking of finally doing a collab with Tyler too, what about you?" Phil confidently replied.

Dan was dazed and in awe of the utter confidence of Phil at that moment he'd forgotten how to speak. Stuttering, he replied.

"That's not a bad idea actually, I've been meaning to catch up with Tyler and more American connections, ya know..."

"Hmm, yeah" Phil paused. "This food is not that nice, if I'm being honest" Phil lent in and said in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped to. It's really sickening, I don't think I could eat anymore. Blahh." Dan replied.

"I think I'm finished" Phil said to Dan, half a plate of food left.

"I'm ready to leave when you are" Dan spoke louder to his friend, crossing his cutlery.

The both stood up in unison and Dan headed to the counter to pay. They left the room and then they saw through from the buzzing room the man on the other side of the room propose to whoever, brining a smile to peoples faces and a round of applause as she accepted his love.

Then as Dan and Phil turned around, Phil noticed the pounding splatter of heavy rain against the restaurant windows. And Dan had only come in a thin t-shirt, while Phil had a fairly large coat over his short sleeved. He grabbed his coat as the two reluctantly left the building to face the elements, Phil put the coat over Dans back and head while soaking in the cold. They had a 5 minute walk back to their flat. The next 5 intimate minutes of their lives with each other.

Dan had his arm wrapped around Phils shoulder and Phil had his arm around Dans' waist as they ran through the London streets together under Phils coat. They had to run in unison to keep as dry as possible before reaching their home, sometimes one of their heads would brush delicately against the others or cheeks collide. By the time they had got home, both men where out of breath. Panting, Dan fumbled in his numb hands the key and opened the door before stepping into the dry. As soon as both soaking wet men were in, the foot slammed behind as they ran upstairs in their tight, wet and groggy skinny jeans and the top of their t-shirts remained dry-ish and their hair was glistening in the bright homely lights and dripping slightly.

"First dibs in the shower!" Dan shouted, grabbing a clean bed top and bottoms and legging it into the bathroom.

A dripping Phil just stood there in the living room, not daring to sit down anywhere. He resembled something along the lines of a drowned rat, his petrified expression and floppy and waving hair. Phil realised how numb he felt all over from the cold outside. Grabbing a warm towel from the airing cupboard, Phil made his way to his bedroom, wrapping the towel around him and sitting on the floor, scrolling on his phone knowing his love would be at least 20 minutes in the shower.

Dan immediately stripped off his clothes (or at least attempted to as the skinny jeans were clingy and next to impossible to remove) before clambering into the warmth of the water. He stood there, letting the boiling h2o hit him.

After Phil had his shower, the pair both, without saying a word, sat on the sofa watching Game Of Thrones before drifting off to sleep, Phils head resting on the arm of the sofa and Dans head eventually lay on Phils steady chest.

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