Tough Loving You (Phanfiction)

Dan and Phil are some of the best vloggers in the world. They love what they do, stating the obvious. But they have one of the toughest jobs too. Phil has never kept a secret from his best friend Dan, all except one. When Dan discovers it his life is put in a different perspective but soon Dan finds it every increasingly difficult to keep his amazing lifestyle in order. As it crashes, will Phil be his answer to everything?


8. Rehearsal!

Immediately after they woke up the next day, Dan remembered to text Louise about their meal.

Look, Im not even sure of what I feel so I've convinced myself to act like nothing's happening. He'll come round soon enough after the way he behaved last night-Dx

After a day and a half of procrastination, eating crap and awkward shuffles around the flat there was only 1 hour before they had to leave for dress rehearsal at the O2. It was tonight. Another big TV debut.

"Right." Dan said to Phil from his slumped position on the sofa "I may as well get ready for tonight. We've got to leave soon"

"Alright then" Phil didn't even bother looking up. This flustered and confused Dan.

Dan just stood in the shower for 25 minutes before his deep thought was disturbed by a rather angry Phil.

"Dan?!, what the hell are you doing in there! We've got to leave soon and I need a shower you dip shit!"

Hearing this, Dan snapped back into reality and immediately grabbed his towel and legged it to his bedroom through the new cold air hitting his body. He scrambled around for some nice clothes, a black blazer completing his outfit for tonight. Phil meanwhile had to rush his shower, which he never liked doing at all, after all he needed to do his hair. Which was exactly what Dan was doing then. Both men hurrying to go as quickly.

As soon as both had finished getting ready they inspected each other, meeting in the hallway and circling to check out any flaws in their outfits. They then headed down and out of the flat got the tube and arrived at the O2.

It was magnificently huge inside, but they had been shuffled to the backstage by the ushers. They hadn't really spoken since leaving home, it's become more commonplace for them recently. Phils' nerves began to set in and soon his stomach was filled with anxiousness and doubt. His hand began shaking as he picked up his 6 que cards and trembled over to the private room for the make up artists to work their magic. To Phil, Dan looked absolutely fine, relaxing on the chairs and messing around a little. It just made Phil feel even more uneasy and very much out of his comfort zone.

He took a look at the que cards and attempted to memorise as much as possible before practice with Dan and the crew while the make up artist was putting on random things to his eyes and cheeks. When he looked in the mirror he saw that his face looked much shinier than he's ever thought it could be. But it still remained a bit matte, apart from his shiny bright nose. He seemed to have gone one shade darker of white, more tanned white.

"Dan!" Phil confidently said to his friend who was finished on the chair next to him.

Dan looked at Phil

"I look like the sun from the teletubbies now eheheheh" Phil joked to his friend, who, after a moment of confusion staring at Phils reflection, realised how and began to turn a giggle into laughter, which made Phil smile so much to see his friend like this. His butterflies took off from his tummy and realised themselves. His whole body stopped shaking and the whole rush of life around him froze. It was just him in this moment of happiness that he wished he could cling onto forever.

This was interrupted by Phil's makeup artist:

"Well, your done now love, go into room M145 for your de-briefing and the rehearsal in 10 minutes. After that you will have about 1 hours practice and 30 minute break before the show".

Dan and Phil nodded before making their way down the corridor. It was completely empty. As they looked at every door number, they came to a junction, a choice of 3 ways to go took look for their room.

They carried on directly ahead of them. Scanning the door numbers, M24, M25, M26. The numbers continued.

The corridor seemed to stretch out for an eternity.

"Oh my god, when are we going to find that room?! This is quite exhausting looking for one single fucking room!" Dan spoke to Phil, starring intensely at each room number.

"It's gonna take us an age to get there."

They both got to the end of the corridor. The last room number was M140.

"Jesus! Where the frickety feck fuck can the room be!" Dan cried, seeming to speak to the wall. Phil just laughed. Then so did Dan. They both let out an equal fit of hysterics before Dan put his hand of Phil's shoulder and forehead to forehead laughing a bit too loudly.

"Excuse me!" An old mans voice broke the happy moment. Dan and Phil immediately parted and stood upright in the direction of the voice.

" When you are quite finished. What on earth are you doing in the out of bounds section for tonight?"

Dan and Phil stood their awkwardly. Shuffling and nudging each other to speak first before Dan spoke.


That trembling voice turned Phil on a little.

"We were looking for M145. Got a bit lost. Yo-you don't happen to know where it is?" Dan stumbled and tripped over his words.

"Well, yes, just don't let me catch you two snooping around here again. Now follow me!"

Dan and Phil had to put a fist intro mouths to stop an uncontrollable fit of laughter bursting out of them from what this stupid man had just shouted at them.

They followed the man all the way for miles, still holding in their belly laughs, suddenly they stopped at a beautiful old door with brass handles. The man showed them in and mumbled something before lolloping off miserably, leaving Dan and Phil to burst into hysterics. After a while, they observed their surroundings, they slumped onto the leather chairs, relaxing. Dan tilted and rested his head on the back of the chair, showing off his slender and flawless neck to Phil and his Adam's apple. This reminded Phil of whatever hurdles he'd have to jump over to get over Dan, because, well, Dan could never love Phil as much as Phil loved Dan. That's what Phil thought anyway...

They soon observed the fact that the my had only 10 minutes to look and memorise some lines before their first 30 minutes on stage.

"Urm, Phil, can you help me learn a some lines and rehearse them?" Dan said awkwardly.

"Yeah, um, sure. I'm struggling a bit too."

"Cool, thanks."

They sat there reading through for 5 minutes, every second was adding a clinching pain in Phil's stomach. The anticipation was building up in his body. Trembling with words, Phil tried to convince himself it would all be okay by tonight.

Dan noticed Phil's uneasiness. He kept looking up at Phil as he read his lines, checking on his mental status. He could tell how frightened his best friend was, but he couldn't do anything now before rehearsal. Thinking about it, Dan checked the time on his phone. They had about 3 minutes. Dan realised in this time that there had been at least 10 seconds of awkward silence in the room as Phil had a confused looked up at Dan very confusingly.

"Yeah, wha-what?" Dan said, sounding more mean than he was supposed to.

"Um, it's your que for the final award" Phil patronisingly spoke to Dan.

"Oh sorry, I was just, thinking, daydreaming, sorry, carry on" he sounded cowardly.

"What were you thinking about?" Phil quizzed Dan

"Nothing, don't worry, just carry on"

So they did. After finishing their section, they heard a knock at the door that startled both men. A rather important old-ish walked in.

"We are having our run through now. You're needed"

They nodded like scared puppies and followed this man down the twisting and turning corridors and stairs until they were backstage, they were given a talk of where to stand, where to go Etc. Dan was quite confident by the end of the talk with the quite-important man, but Phil was still dreading being in front of the crew, let alone the live audience tonight.

After they were left just standing in the wings, Dan could instantly see Phil was uncomfortable. He had no idea how to cheer up and ease him though. He couldn't just joke about or hug him or whatever. Everything he thought about had its downside.

His sudden deep thought was interrupted by Phil.

"Dan it's our que! Let's go!" Phil had more of a surprising excitement in his tone than one of panic , but it still showed, subtly but powerfully.

They stepped onto the stage and got into the central middle. The cameras glaring at them all the time through the rehearsal.

"Hello, lovely introduction thank you! I'm Dan, this is Phil and we are here to announce the first seven categories."

Dan was conscious that Phil was staring at him with lust the whole time he introduced the first award.

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