Tough Loving You (Phanfiction)

Dan and Phil are some of the best vloggers in the world. They love what they do, stating the obvious. But they have one of the toughest jobs too. Phil has never kept a secret from his best friend Dan, all except one. When Dan discovers it his life is put in a different perspective but soon Dan finds it every increasingly difficult to keep his amazing lifestyle in order. As it crashes, will Phil be his answer to everything?


5. Advice With Lousie

After Phil had left, Dan just sat on his bed, dazed by Phils' comment. Should he let it slip? But Phil had been hinting for years, like the time he 'accidentally' fell asleep on Dans bed in a Tumblr session and Dan had no choice but to sleep next to Phil. And Phil has always been the joke of the group, standing up to everyone apart from Dan. Phil was always the first to hug, or accidentally kiss Dan on the cheek. Dan pondered upon all the situations of which Phil has been acting like, well, his boyfriend. He didn't know how to process these events, but he deduced that from everything they've ever done together, Phil loved him, more than just best friends. He didn't know what to do next. So he got his laptop and downloaded all the footage of him and Phil. He noticed throughout the video Phil had a glint in his eye, while staring and Dan anytime he could. This was definite. He need to get advice, what's the next step in this awkwardness around the house. He can't just ignore Phils feelings, they're best friends. 'I'll call Louise, she must have some advice' Dan thought as he reached for his phone behind him, unlocked and called Louise. It was a tense few moments with it ringing before Louise answered her phone.

"Hellooo" Louise answered in her happy-go-lucky tone.

"Hey Louise, it's me." Dan wearily replied, this was going to be a weird conversation.

"Hello bear, you sound uncomfortably unhappy. What's up?" She smoothly said.

"It's Phil. Ummm..." He'd forgotten how to speak, so he overcompensated a cried out

"I THUNK HE LOVES ME." His voice was broken and lost.

"What, more than a- GET OFF THE TABLE. Sorry about that. So, yeah, more than your best friend?! How did you find out?"

Dan explained the video situation and all the times before.

"Oohhh, now you mention it, he does seem to want a bit more from you, you know, yeah" her sudden realisation that all the time she'd known them, Phil was in love with Dan. It was obvious now the pieces of the puzzle were fitting together and now she could clearly see.

"Look, what do I do about it then? I can't look at Phil without reading his thoughts now. I have no idea what to do, help me." Dans desperate noises crumbled out of his mouth.

"Well, how do you feel about Phil? Do feel the same or different? Tell him that you know-"

"Hang on, he might not know that I know, I can act for a while that I don't know can't I?"

"You can't just ignore Phil's feelings!!!! Sort something out? He's scared to tell you anything, this is serious, who knows what love can do to him. Leave it a couple of days then tell him you know, he should burst and tell you by then, observe carefully. It's your feelings that count too, how do you feel about this whole thing too?" This was the deepest advice Dan had been given, but he couldn't answer the question.

" I'll keep an eye on him, oh God, I've invited him out to dinner tonight, he might get the wrong idea of it! What do I-"


" I'll act as though nothing has happened okay. See how long he can keep up." Dan looked at his phone, it was 5.32. Phil was in the shower so he'd better get ready soon.

"Look I've got to go, we're eating out at the Mexican place in a bit, I'll text you after we've eaten okay?"

"Fine. But tell me everything, we need to sort this out, poor Phil. Well, see you soon then"

"Alright, thanks for, ya know, stuff. That was pretty deep. Bye!"


Over. Done. Dan got up, his mind blank, he put on some music then looked for some clothes to wear tonight, he wasn't going to bother to wash, he'd done nothing all day, Dan just thought about his feelings and Phil's feelings, they mattered too. As he thought about this a single tear fell down his cheek and landed peacefully on the carpet.

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