The Big Book of Dragons

This is the Big Book of Dragons! The very book you need if you want to know all the dragons to know of!

Madouc and Secrets try to write about as many dragons as they possibly can, giving their names, their habits and behaviour, their environment; etcetera. All the dragons maybe from games, films, books or other forms of media, but these dragons certainly exist!

But perhaps if you have made and drawn your own dragon, then tell us about it and it shall become part of our guide!


4. 3 - The Blood Dragon


Blood Dragon

Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



About 15m in length, and its wingspan is about the same. It’s quite lean for a dragon, and stands about 2m tall.



This magnificent beast can be seen circling through the snow ridden skies of the north. It’s easily recognisable by its greenish colour, leaf shaped tail fins, crested head and a sail on its back. They also have sideways slit pupils. On each of its wings it has a hook-like talons, which it uses to stand on when landed because of its lack of forelegs.



The Blood Dragon uses powerful magic against its prey, called Thu’ums, or Dragon Shouts. The Blood Dragon has the ability to breathe both Frost and Fire. It also has a powerful bite, and if grounded will not hesitate to use it. You are not recommended to take this beast on in hand to hand combat.


How to kill:

The best way to kill a Blood Dragon is to hide behind a tree, rock or wall, and attack it using long range magic spells, or to shoot it stock full of arrows. If it lands you can run up to it and batter it with a sword, axe or other close contact weapon, but be wary of its fierce bite. It is recommended that if you do go out hunting this dragon, you wear good armour, and take precautions for getting injured.

If you do run into trouble with this Dragon, you either need to hide in a cave, or lead it to a city or town, for once its target’s locked, it’s unlikely to stop attacking until it’s killed it. Taking it to a vastly populated area will distract it from you, so you can escape. You may feel guilty about all the innocent lives you’ve cut short, but at least you survived!


So, good luck my fellow Dragon Hunters, Tamers and Fanatics. Watch the skies.



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